Armenia becomes Ryanair’s 40th country served

Yesterday, 16th October, Ryanair announced that it will serve Armenia, with brand-new routes both to Yerevan, the capital, and Gyumri. This comes shortly before Ryanair begins its first services to both Tbilisi and Kutaisi, in neighbouring Georgia.

Ryanair will operate four routes to Armenia, providing up to eight weekly flights. It expects these to generate 130,000 passengers annually. All four are presently unserved, at both airport- and city-pair levels.

Route Start date; period of operation Days Timings City-level indirect passengers (two ways in the year to August 2019)
Berlin Schönefeld – Yerevan 31 March, 2020; summer only Tuesday, Saturday 1500-2100; 2125-2325 18,600
Milan Bergamo -Yerevan 14 January, 2020; year-round Tuesday, Saturday

Tuesday: 0600-1310; 1335-1445. Saturday: 1445-2155; 2220-2330

Allgäu Airport Memmingen – Gyumri 30 March, 2020; summer only Monday, Friday 0730-1335; 1400-1605 0
Rome Ciampino – Yerevan 14 January, 2020; year-round Tuesday, Saturday 1420-2115; 2140-2235 17,100
Source: OAG Traffic Analyser.

Armenia effectively has open skies with the EU, with other potential European opportunities from Yerevan – for whichever airlines – as follows. Armenia is a long way from Western Europe, so Ryanair’s routes are unsurprisingly the shorter ones, although all are still over 1,650 miles each way. Of the following, only Prague would be shorter. Madrid is long, at 2,500 miles.

City Served? Indirect passengers before stimulation (two ways in the year to August 2019)
Brussels Yes 40,000 (partly so high as Brussels Airlines’ non-stop is seasonal and between once- and twice-weekly)
Prague No 33,600
Amsterdam No 30,000
London No 26,000
Frankfurt No 24,500
Barcelona No 22,600
Munich No 16,400
Stockholm No 15,800
Madrid No 14,900
Paris Yes 14,900
Düsseldorf  No 14,200*
Source: OAG Traffic Analyser. * In this year period, Cologne was served and generated 11,000 passengers on its own. It too is now unserved.

Who will be the next to launch Armenia? Will Wizz Air build on its strong presence in Georgia?  And will Armenia be the next Georgia for LCCs?


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