Brisbane Airport’s new runway is cleared to land in 2020

Brisbane airport new runway

Delegates celebrate on Brisbane’s new runway at Monday’s Sunset Sangria networking reception, during the 145th IATA Slots Conference. The runway is set to open in 2020, and according to the airport, it will help passenger numbers grow to some 50 million by 2040.

Brisbane Airport is set to open its new runway in 2020. This will help grow annual passenger numbers to a projected 50 million by 2040, according to the airport. To celebrate, the airport hosted a “Sunset and Sangria” networking reception on the runway on Monday 11 November, ahead of the 145th IATA Slots Conference in the city. We caught up with Brisbane Airport’s Oliver Philpot, Head of Aviation Marketing Partnerships and Toni Kasch, Aviation Marketing and Events Manager, to learn more.

How have you prepared for hosting this year’s event?

Philpot: “Preparation commenced the moment that BNE was announced as the host for the 145th IATA Slots Conference. Along with our partners Tourism Australia, Tourism & Events Queensland, Brisbane Marketing and the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, we are all committed to ensuring our delegates have a world-class experience and raise the standard of the Slot Conference to a new level.

“For the fabulous Sunset Sangria on Brisbane’s New Runway Event (Monday 11 November) we undertook many site visits (pictured) to ensure the space is in pristine condition for our delegates to inspect while they are enjoying a cold glass of Sangria in the afternoon”.

Brisbane airport new runway

Toni Kasch, Aviation Marketing and Events Manager, and Oliver Philpot, Head of Aviation Marketing Partnerships, inspect Brisbane’s new runway ahead of the Sunset and Sangria event on Monday 11 November. BNE hopes to unlock more international growth from the new runway, with Delhi its top unserved destination.

How will you use your new runway?  What are Brisbane’s top unserved routes?

Philpot: “Delhi-Brisbane is our largest unserved route (73,000 two-way passengers). We have been seeking a direct service from India for some time now and are confident we will attract this service within the next two years. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are becoming increasingly popular with the Indian market.

“Additional markets we are interested in unlocking include second-tier China cities, and the reinstatement of a direct Brisbane – Beijing service which was suspended last year (71,100 passengers).

“The ASEAN region is of strong interest to us, with cities such as Ho Chi Minh City (51,000) and Jakarta (22,000) new points we are prioritising in the short term. In the North America market, we are keen to see a connection from Dallas into Brisbane in the medium term, and for the longer term we remain highly interested in a service connecting us with Seattle. We are also interested in a direct route to South America.”

What kind of incentives can BNE offer to support new routes and the extra capacity?

Philpot: “Brisbane Airport is a very proactive airport in supporting the integration of new routes, but also the growth of new capacity, and offers a wide range of incentives including substantial and globally recognised marketing support packages to ensure long term sustainability. These are negotiated on a case by case basis but include the full spectrum of incentives available to airports with a particular focus on inbound and outbound marketing support.” looks forward to following the development of Brisbane’s new runway and seeing it in action.


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