airBaltic announce five routes from Vilnius

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Vilnius – Munich was’s unserved route of the week in August 2016.   The route began with AirBaltic from March 2017.

Today, 10th December, airBaltic announced five new routes from Vilnius: Dubrovnik; Gothenburg; Hamburg; Rijeka; and Zurich. This builds on the carrier’s existing six routes from the Lithuanian capital, with Vilnius representing 8% of the airline’s total capacity in 2019.

airBaltic will have no direct competition on its new routes

None of the five routes will have direct competition.  Yet, in the past year, three had interesting passenger volumes: Gothenburg 13,100 passengers; Hamburg 17,600; and Zurich 19,500.  Gothenburg was the most recently served, with Wizz Air ending it – after than two years – in January 2019. The carrier’s new routes from Vilnius come soon after announcing four from Tallinn (Hamburg, Nice, Rome FCO, and Zurich) and four from Riga (Bergen, Manchester, Trondheim, Yerevan).  

Vilnius to/from… Weekly frequency (WF) Start date Direct competition (WF)
Dubrovnik 2 2nd May 2020 None
Gothenburg 2 29th March 2020 None
Hamburg 3 30th March 2020 None
Rijeka 1 7th May 2020 None
Zurich 2 31st March 2020 None

Frequencies to be increased on four of six existing routes

airBaltic will also increase frequencies on four existing routes. To cater to this expansion, the airline will base a third A220-300 at the Lithuanian capital airport.

Vilnius to/from… Existing WF New WF Direct competition (WF)
Berlin TXL 4 6 None
Munich 3 5 None
Riga 31 41 None
Tallinn 7 11 None

What they say

Aurimas Stikliūnas, Head of Lithuanian Airports Aviation Services Division, said: “The launch of these new connections is a true milestone in our route development strategy. After negotiating for more than two years, this outcome is very important for Lithuania‘s main air gateway. With numerous business and tourism partners involved in the negotiations, we profoundly hope that these new routes will not only enhance tourism, but will also boost business opportunities for foreign and Lithuanian enterprises.”

With nearly 33,000 passengers, Gothenburg – Tallinn is unserved; perhaps airBaltic’s next route? Check out our interview with airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss from a few months ago, to hear more on the airline’s strategy.


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