LATAM Group’s top-20 connecting routes; Buenos Aires – Natal #1

LATAM Group’s top-20 connecting routes; Buenos Aires – Natal #1 (2)

São Paulo Guarulhos is LATAM Group’s most-served airport. And Guarulhos is key for LATAM Group connections, with an estimated 7.2 million passengers transiting in the past year. Buenos Aires – Natal is the Group’s number-one connecting route.

The LATAM Group comprises passenger units in seven South American countries. Altogether, the Group has 33% of all capacity to, from, and within South America in 2019.  Sao Paulo is not only Brazil’s largest city, but also the largest across the continent.  And in terms of seats, São Paulo Guarulhos is the airport with the most seats – around 16 million – within the LATAM Group network.

About 7.2 million people connected with LATAM Group airlines over Sao Paulo GRU in the past year.  Over five million – 70% – involved Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.  Domestic Brazil alone accounted for three of these 7.2 million.  However, a sizeable 1.4 million connected to/from Europe, the Group’s second-largest market, led by Brazil – Italy (217,000). 

LATAM Group’s top-20 connecting routes

Here are the Group’s top-20 connecting airport-pairs.

LATAM Group’s top-20 connecting routes; Buenos Aires – Natal #1

Source: OAG Traffic Analyser.

Buenos Aires and Santiago feature six and five times in the top-20 respectively.  Across all airlines, Argentina – Brazil is a country-pair of four million passengers (~600,000 with the LATAM Group).  Buenos Aires – Natal is the largest indirect market, with 131,000 of which LATAM has a two-third share.  Gol is the only non-stop operator, and it has a once-weekly service.

LATAM Group’s top-20 connecting routes; Buenos Aires – Natal #1

LATAM now serves Tel Aviv three-weekly non-stop from Sao Paulo GRU.  Not surprisingly, none of its routes are in its top-20 for connecting passengers over GRU.  So far, its top-five connecting routes from Tel Aviv are Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio, Brasilia, and Porto Alegre.

Domestic Brazil has seven routes in the top-20.  These include Rio GIG – Porto Alegre, a market of about 600,000 passengers across all airlines. LATAM doesn’t operate the airport-pair, so its passengers connect over Sao Paulo GRU. However, LATAM does serve Porto Alegre from Rio’s closer-in airport, Santos Dumont.

Almost 350,000 connecting passengers to/from Salvador

In all, Salvador has 347,000 LATAM passengers via GRU, the result of Brazil’s crisis and the focus on hub rather than P2P operations. This compares to 226,000 for Recife, 187,000 for Natal, and 226,000 Fortaleza. Salvador is also the closest to GRU by over 500 miles, or one hour.  Salvador features five times in the top-20: domestically to Foz do Iguaçu and Porto Alegre, and internationally to Santiago (two airlines coming), Buenos Airlines, and Montevideo. As one example and across all airlines, Salvador – Porto Alegre, a distance of 1,434 miles, has an average one-way fare of USD$252 (!) before taxes, fuel surcharge, and ancillaries. This is partly the result of Avianca Brazil’s end earlier this year.



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