Cabo Verde Airlines adds three destinations from Sal hub

Representatives from Washington Dulles, Lagos and Porto Alegre welcome Cabo Verde Airlines’ new services this week. 

The effect of Cabo Verde’s new service on the Lagos – Washington, DC, market is stark. Previously, it was impossible to complete the journey in under 15 hours, yet now it is achievable in 13h 25. This is also close to being a great circle routing between the two, which is much more efficient than the current most popular routing via Dubai. Almost a third of that journey involves heading in the wrong direction away from the US.

  • Cabo Verde Airlines this week launched three new routes. The services – spanning North and South America and Africa – reinforce the airline’s aim to become Africa’s Icelandair. It is no coincidence that Icelandair Group owns a stake in Cabo Verde Airlines. In the past year, 38,100 passengers travelled between Lagos and Washington Dulles, with no non-stop offering.The new Cabo Verde route will save a huge amount of time compared with existing options. Interestingly, Emirates is the market leader with 20% share. Here is a summary of Cabo Verde’s new routes:
Destination Weekly flights Equipment
Lagos 5


Porto Alegre 3
Washington Dulles 3
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser


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