Qatar Airways announce eight destinations, a target of 3.3m passengers

Qatar Airways announce eight destinations, a target of 3.4m passengers


Qatar Airways has announced a further eight routes in 2020 across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe, with the first – Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – taking off on the 30th March, barely two months away. None of these eight have direct competition.

Destination Weekly frequency Start date Aircraft
Accra, Ghana (via Lagos) 7 15 April B787-8
Almaty, Kazakhstan 2* 1 April A320
Cebu, Philippines 3 8 April B787-8
Luanda, Angola 4 14 October B787-8
Lyon, France 5 23 June B787-8
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 2 30 March A320
Siem Reap, Cambodia 3 16 November B787-8
Trabzon, Turkey 3 20 May A320
Source: Qatar Airways. *Four from 25 May.

Continued focus on seasonal, thinner destinations

These eight – including Cebu, a resumption – join a host of others already announced for this year, including Dubrovnik, Croatia; Osaka, Japan (resumption); and Santorini, Greece. Qatar Airways’ focus on seasonal and thinner destinations is clear.  They’re made possible by the carrier’s growing connectivity (fewer passengers required per online connection), right-sized aircraft, and often very efficient aircraft. 

Traffic opportunity of ~3.3 million

In 2019 and excluding non-stop passengers, 3.3 million flew to/from these eight destinations.  This “potential” is based on “logical” traffic flows (some flexibility is given!).  They exclude non-stop passengers because they’d be less likely to switch.  The table, below, is simply indicative for Qatar Airways.

Destination Local Doha Middle East* Africa* Europe Asia-Pacific Total
Accra 9,200 46,000 n/a 375,000 140,900 619,100
Almaty 2,400 26,000 15,500 619,000 164,400 827,300
Cebu 25,000 42,300 7,200 171,400 n/a 245,900
Luanda 900 18,800 n/a 248,000 125,700 396,600
Lyon 6,200 41,000 213,000 n/a 330,600 600,800
Nur-Sultan 500 14,800 10,600 334,000 80,600 449,700
Siem Reap 700 5,500 2,500 145,000 n/a 153,700
Trabzon 6,400 68,000 2,400 n/a 5,700 82,500
Total 51,300 262,400 251,200 1,892,400 847,900  
Source: OAG Traffic Analyser. Relevant and logical areas only, such as no North Africa for Lyon. *Excluding countries Qatar Airways is banned from serving.

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