View our new network planning daily digest on Instagram

Our network planning daily digest, on Instagram Stories. See network development, as it happens!

As we progress into a new decade, we thought we’d bring you a brand-new way to view our content on Instagram; the fastest growing individual and B2B platform out there. We’ll post breaking aviation news as it happens straight onto Instagram stories, with articles presented in our new ‘Link in Bio’. Plus, you can always view a quick summary of daily or weekly developments, right on our profile at, via our network planning digests.

A new way to see our content: Click the link in bio, and view news, analysis and Instagram exclusives. Tap on the photo, and view on the website as normal. Be sure to view our live stories as they happen, and enjoy our quick network planning digests for a daily or weekly breakdown of developments.

New route? New airline? Email us! Let’s all celebrate your new routes. Contact us with photos and route details, and follow us on Instagram for our exclusive daily digest.


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