United Airlines’ top-20 international connecting markets; Tel Aviv – LAX #1

United Airlines’ top-20 international connecting markets; Tel Aviv – LA #1

United Airlines’ Newark -– Cape Town service began on 15th December. Over the past two and a half years, United has added 28 new international routes and 10 brand-new destinations.

United Airlines offered 38.3 million international seats last year, second only to American Airlines’ 41.8 million. Delta Air Lines, meanwhile, was third, with 34.4 million.  Yet of the USB3, international seats was a greater proportion of United’s total (19.4%) than American’s (15.8%) and Delta’s (14.1%).  United Airlines’ international service revolves around both Western Europe (21.4 million) and Northeast Asia (9.9 million). When combined, Western Europe and Northeast Asia have over eight in ten of United’s international seats.

Mexico – US leads country-pairs for connections

All of United Airlines’ core connecting country-pairs involved the US, with its top-five shown below.  Its first non-US was, predictably, Canada – Mexico, with 153,000.

  • Mexico – US: 2.2 million connecting passengers
  • Canada – US: 1.9 million
  • UK – US: 637,000
  • China – US: 553,000
  • Germany – US: 525,000

American Airlines and United Airlines are almost tied for the first spot for Mexico – US seats. United serves 22 Mexican destinations, with Cancun by far its number-one.  So it’s not surprising that Mexico – US was United’s leading country-pair, with an estimated 49% of its Mexico passengers non-local.  On a city-pair level, Cancun – New York was first; on an airport-pair basis, it was Cancun – New York LGA.  Of course, its Houston IAH hub was key for Mexico passengers, through which about 70% connected. Indeed, Houston IAH was United’s top hub for total international connecting passengers, with an estimated nine million.

United Airlines’ #1 connecting market Tel Aviv – LAX

As a result of United’s strong overall network, its top-20 connecting airport-pairs had fewer than half-a-million passengers.  And its top-20, featuring a disparate array of connecting markets, including Guayaquil – New York, nicely suggest its hubs: Newark; Washington IAD; Chicago ORD; Houston IAH; and San Francisco. With almost 36,000 passengers, Tel Aviv – Los Angeles was its number-one connecting market.  United now serves Tel Aviv from Newark, San Francisco, and Washington IAD, with about seven in ten of its Los Angeles traffic connecting at San Francisco.

United Airlines’ top-20 international connecting markets; Tel Aviv – LAX #1

Source: OAG Traffic Analyser.


  1. Gur says:

    United has no direct flight from Tel Aviv to LA. But a daily to San Fransisco

    • James Pearson says:

      Hi Gur. I think you misinterpreted the article. It’s not about non-stop service but connecting. United’s top international connecting route is Tel Aviv – Los Angeles.

    • Bert & Ernie says:

      …and 70% of L.A. travelers to Israel connect via SFO.

  2. Tom says:

    No surprise. I’ve been to Israel. Israelis love to travel. Ads everywhere for cruises and flights to USA, France, Germany, Italy, etc. Airlines are expanding their operations in Israel.

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