COVID-19 network update: Korean Air suspends 44 routes, grounds A380

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve, here is a day-by-day update of some of the key route suspensions, as filed by the airlines with OAG. Although these are filed schedules, the fluid situation means they are subject to change, and flights ultimately operated may differ.

Italy has now announced a nation-wide quarantine, which will ultimately mean the suspension of all flights to and from the country for at least 14 days. At the time of writing BA, Jet2, Ryanair and Wizz Air are the latest to suspend all operations to Italy. For Ryanair alone, this accounts for almost 4,000 weekly flights and over 750,000 weekly seats. Below are the other key route suspensions:

  • BREAKING: Korean Air has taken 44 routes out of the schedule this week, with total capacity down 60% compared with last week and 76% since the start of February. The carrier has also reportedly grounded its fleet of 10 A380s, alongside 90 other aircraft in the fleet.
  • Ethiopian Airlines has pulled 18 routes from this week’s schedule, as below, and cut capacity by more than 50% on eight others – likely in response to slowing demand and to limit the spread of the outbreak.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Addis Ababa Lilongwe 1,962 6
Addis Ababa Milan Malpensa 1,870 6
Addis Ababa Lubumbashi 1,125 6
Geneva Milan Malpensa 937 3
Milan Malpensa Geneva 937 3
Milan Malpensa Marseille Provence 933 3
Hong Kong Manila Ninoy Aquino International 810 3
Hong Kong Manila Ninoy Aquino International 810 3
Rome Fiumicino Vienna International 686 2
Addis Ababa Madinah 616 4
Addis Ababa Hong Kong 540 2
Jijiga Mogadishu 308 2
Entebbe Juba 207 3
Entebbe Kisangani 154 1
Beira Pemba (MZ) 69 1
Beira Tete 69 1
Beira Pemba (MZ) 69 1
Mogadishu Jijiga 69 1
Tete Nampula 69 1
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.
  • Lufthansa has suspended 12 routes this week, according to OAG Schedules Analyser, with the carrier having confirmed the temporary grounding of its A380 fleet, and an up to 50% capacity cut across the Lufthansa Group. 
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Frankfurt International Milan Malpensa 5,274 33
Frankfurt International Tel Aviv-yafo Ben Gurion International 3,477 18
Munich Tel Aviv-yafo Ben Gurion International 2,304 12
Munich Ancona 1,530 17
Frankfurt International Zagreb 1,200 12
Munich Hong Kong 1,172 4
Frankfurt International Paderborn/Lippstadt 540 6
Munich Katowice 540 6
Frankfurt International Chisinau 500 5
Frankfurt International Genoa 318 3
Munich Tallinn 276 2
Frankfurt International Eilat 168 1
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser
  • Following Italy being placed under quarantine, Alitalia has cut 10 routes so far this week, with up to 86% capacity cuts on the rest of the network. So far, total daily flights are down 42% on last week, but expect further cancellations beyond this.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Milan Malpensa Rome Fiumicino 2,704 21
Milan Malpensa New York JFK 1,572 6
Milan Malpensa Tokyo Narita 1,048 4
Rome Fiumicino Belgrade Nikola Tesla 1,008 6
Milan Linate Luxembourg 880 10
Milan Linate Madrid Adolfo Suarez-Barajas 880 10
Rome Fiumicino  Seoul Incheon 786 3
Rome Fiumicino Mauritius 786 3
Milan Malpensa Malé 524 2
Rome Fiumicino Podgorica 264 3
Milan Linate Reggio Di Calabria 144 1
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser
  • Qantas Group have announced the suspension of four routes, and the rerouting of QF1/2 Sydney – Singapore – London to Sydney – Perth – London. This will be downgauged from an A380 – with eight of the 12-strong fleet being grounded – to a 787-9, which will, therefore, increase the existing Perth to London service to double daily.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Singapore London Heathrow (from 20 April) 3,388 7
Melbourne Bangkok*(from 01 May) 1,005 3
Melbourne San Francisco (from 18 April) 944 4
Brisbane San Francisco (from 18 April) 708 3
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser *Jetstar Airways route
  • Air Dolomiti has suspended four routes so far between Northern Italy and Germany, with at least 50% cuts to the Verona – Frankfurt and Turin – Munich routes. With a national quarantine now in place, expect the rest of the schedule to be eventually pulled.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Turin Caselle Frankfurt International 2,760 23
Venice Marco Polo Munich 2,640 22
Milan Malpensa Munich 1,320 11
Pisa Munich 1,320 11
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser
  • Cebu Pacific has suspended four routes – three to the Korean capital, Seoul, and one domestic service. Angeles/Mabalacat to Panglao is the only other route with a more than 50% capacity cut, however reduced frequencies feature across the rest of the network.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Manila Ninoy Aquino International Seoul Incheon  2,616 6
Cebu Seoul Incheon 940 5
Cebu Kalibo 376 2
Kalibo Seoul Incheon 376 2
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser
  • Emirates has suspended two routes, and filed over 50% frequency cuts on routes to Amman, Conakry, Dakar, Dammam, Johannesburg, Kuwait, Stockholm, and Nairobi.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Hong Kong 3,102 6
Dubai International Tehran Imam Khomeini International 1,770 5
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser
  • Finnair has suspended two routes, in response to stricter travel restrictions across Europe and Asia.
Origin Destination Capacity (weekly seats) Frequency (weekly flights)
Helsinki-Vantaa Milan Malpensa 2,403 12
Helsinki-Vantaa Seoul Incheon 2,016 6
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser



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