Tampa – Portland “Unserved Route of the Week”: 404,000 searches powered by Kiwi.com

Tampa – Portland “Unserved Route of the Week” 404,000 searches powered by Kiwi.com (2)

Portland, OR, is one of Tampa International Airport’s largest unserved markets.  With 78,110 passengers last year – average PDEW of 107 – it is a large existing market before stimulation from non-stop service. When its average one-way fare of $235 is considered, together with possible connections beyond Portland in particular, it becomes even more attractive. 

One of Tampa’s top unserved markets which isn’t overly inbound

“Portland consistently ranks as one of Tampa’s top unserved markets,” Tampa International Airport’s Air Service Development team told anna.aero.  More than this, Tampa – Portland is far less of an inbound market than might be assumed.  “While many tend to think of Florida as a disproportionately inbound market, Tampa International Airport boasts the highest local originating passenger numbers across all routes compared to the other large Florida airports.”

Kiwi.com sees 404,000 searches for Tampa – Portland

Kiwi.com, which has more than 100 million searches every day globally, had 404,000 searches for Tampa to Portland last year.  Its data also indicates the origination of searches, which supports the airport’s evidence.  For the first 10 months of 2019, the origination of searches was split almost equally between Tampa and Portland.  In the summer, when Florida becomes less appealing, Tampa’s proportion of origin searches increased up to 55% of the total.  Kiwi.com data, which provides very powerful intelligence for new route opportunities and underserved markets, also highlights the relative lack of seasonality between the two cities as a result of being a more bidirectional market. 

Tampa – Portland “Unserved Route of the Week” 404,000 searches powered by Kiwi.com

The biggest increase in searches was from 13 to 17 December. Source: Kiwi.com

Strong outbound market from Tampa

On an actual traffic basis, the breakdown of origin and destination of passengers is about the same, again showing bidirectionality.  “Of the passengers travelling between Tampa and Portland, roughly 48% originate in Tampa Bay with 51% originating in Portland,” added the airport.  Significantly, this highlights the strong and balanced ties between the two cities that underpins demand and potential non-stop service.

Tampa’s West Coast network growing strongly as Delta begins Seattle

Tampa International Airport now has non-stop service to three West Coast cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.  San Francisco began in 2017. In the current week, Delta Air Lines serves Los Angeles daily, while United Airlines operates to San Francisco twice-daily.  Alaska Airlines serves Seattle twice-daily, while Delta Air Lines, which has significantly increased its Seattle operation in the past few years, began Tampa – Seattle on 11 March 2020 with a daily service.

“As the Tampa Bay region continues to grow, so has demand for service to cities on the U.S. West Coast. Tampa has successfully added multiple previously unserved markets in the West, including Seattle and San Francisco,” said Tampa International Airport.  “In the first year of nonstop service, demand in PDEW to San Francisco increased by 24%, with Seattle demand increasing by 35% – indicative of the pent-up demand to Western markets from the Tampa Bay Region.”

Tampa – Portland “Unserved Route of the Week” 404,000 searches powered by Kiwi.com

Alaska Airlines most obvious, but Delta and Southwest too

Alaska Airlines has a 45% share of seats at Portland, and it is the most obvious operator for a new Tampa service.  It began Portland – Orlando in 2017 and in the current week serves the Florida city 11-weekly, mainly by the B737-900.  As well as catering for local demand, OAG Connections Analyser shows that its timings enable two-way online connections to six cities with a circuity of 130 and a maximum three-hour connection time (minimum one hour).  A similar, or better, offering could exist for Tampa, too. 

Delta Air Lines is the second most likely operator.  It is number-two at Tampa International Airport with 16%, while it has ramped up Portland capacity of late and now has a 14% share there. It currently operates four non-stop routes from Florida to the West Coast, including two from Tampa. Southwest, meanwhile, is the largest operator at Tampa International Airport with a one-third share of seats, and it’s second at Portland with 17%.  However, it is focusing less on longer, transcontinental routes.

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