Norway’s Avinor scraps charges at 44 airports; RDC Aviation charts savings with AirportCharges tool

Norway’s Avinor scraps charges at 44 airports; RDC Aviation charts savings with AirportCharges tool is delighted to announce its partnership with RDC Aviation, which will provide readers with a unique insight into airline route performance (fares, costs, and profit) and detailed airport charges data using data from their Apex and AirportCharges platforms.

Last month, Avinor – which owns 44 airports across Norway – announced that all commercial operators will no longer have to pay passenger, transfer, landing, and security charges as a result of Covid-19.  This suspension of charges applies to all of its airports across the country and lasts until 30 June.  It is incredibly important to see support from governments – or wider bodies, like the EU suspending slot rules on 1 April – especially when they are desperately needed in exceptional circumstances.

RDC Aviation’s AirportCharges tool shows new charges

As a result of the end of charges, the cost of one turnaround for a Norwegian Boeing 737-800 at Oslo reduces 93% from NOK36,707 (EUR€3,255) in 2019 to NOK2,552 (€226) in 2020. Meanwhile, the cost of one turnaround for its B787-8 reduces 91%, from NOK59,239 (€5,253) to NOK5,330 (€473).  These figures are from RDC Aviation’s AirportCharges product, which has tariff information for over 3,000 airports, together with en-route navigation charges and government taxes.  The 2019 and 2020 table of charges are shown below, together with the example variables on which the results are based.  The remaining charge is from both navigation.

Please click on this image for a large picture of it. Source: RDC Aviation.

Clearly, passenger charges and landing fees are important variable costs for airlines.  IATA suggests that total global airline variable costs will reduce by 70% – or $69 billion – in Q2 2020 as a result of the widespread grounding. 

Avinor’s top-10 airports had almost 71 million seats in 2019

The state-owned airport group’s network is spread throughout Norway.  Last year, Avinor’s top-10 airports – Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Tromso, Alesund, Bodø, Kristiansand, Harstad-Narvik, and Molde – had 70.6 million non-stop scheduled seats, OAG Schedules Analyser shows.  Oslo was, of course, by far number-one with 38.5 million. 

Norway’s Avinor scraps charges at 44 airports; RDC Aviation charts savings with AirportCharges tool

Airport network saw SAS and Widerøe grow YOY

The 70.6 million seats in 2019 was up just 248,000 YOY, a virtually flat 0.4%, as a result of declines at six of the group’s top-10 airports.  Oslo’s shallow growth of 219,400 seats, or 0.6%, offset these reductions.  Norwegian’s rationalisation towards a profitable core was a key reason for this, with its capacity to and from these ten down 798,000, or 4.1%, YOY. It recorded double-digit declines at Stavanger (-12.9%) and Bergen (-11.5%). However, Norwegian’s decline was offset by growth of both SAS and Widerøe, both at 3.1%, increasing the market share of them. SAS’ increase was from multiple new routes, including Oslo to Faro and Kiev Boryspil; Bergen to Gazipaşa, Milan Malpensa, and Nice; and Stavanger to Manchester.

Most Avinor airports focus on lifeline services

Last year, the smallest of Avinor’s airports by total seats was Røst, the main centre on the remotest island in the Lofoten archipelago, some 509 miles from Oslo.  Røst typifies an Avinor airport away from more populated areas: lifeline Widerøe service using STOL-compliant Dash-8-100s.  Widerøe links Røst to Bodø, 63 miles away, and Leknes, 59 miles away, both on a public service obligation basis.

RDC provides world-leading aviation data through its online apps, data services and APIs. Its Apex platform delivers airline route performance data (fares, profit, schedules, costs, CO) while AirportCharges has detailed tariff data for over 3,000 airports as well as global en-route navigation fees and government taxes. Over 250 companies subscribe to RDC’s services; visit their website,, to find more information and contact details.


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