Wizz Air announces 14 new routes from this summer

Wizz Air announces 14 new routes from this summer

Wizz Air has revealed 14 new routes from this July for a total of 37 weekly frequencies. All are from its London Luton and Vienna bases, its largest and fifth-largest base respectively.

And all but one route has direct competition. With these new services, Wizz Air will compete directly with Lauda on 31 of its 57 Vienna routes.

In further proof of its diversifying route network from Western European cities, Greek islands – and other tourist destinations – feature heavily.  Unlike other countries, Greece says it expects to reopen to tourists from this July.

These 14 new routes come a week after it announced 12 others: five from Lviv and a new base there; two from Kharviv; and its first five from Abu Dhabi.  (Its initial Abu Dhabi routes will be as predicted by anna.aero on 24 April.

Routing Start date Weekly frequency Direct competition (WF)
London Luton – Corfu 3 July 2 easyJet (6); TUI (1)
London Luton – Faro 2 July 4 easyJet (18); Ryanair (3)
London Luton – Heraklion 2 July 3 easyJet (3)
London Luton – Marrakesh 26 October 4 Ryanair (2)
London Luton – Rhodes 4 July 2 easyJet (2); TUI (2)
London Luton – Zakynthos 5 July 2 TUI (1)
Vienna – Bourgas 3 July 2 Lauda (1)
Vienna – Brussels Charleroi 1 July 5 Lauda (5)
Vienna – Constanta 3 July 2 None
Vienna – Heraklion 2 July 2 Austrian (7); Lauda (2)
Vienna – Marrakesh 27 October 2 Austrian (3); Lauda (2)
Vienna – Rhodes 2 July 2 Austrian (7); Lauda (2)
Vienna – Tallinn 2 July 3 Lauda (2)
Vienna – Zakynthos 4 July 2 Austrian (5); Lauda (2)
Direct competition based on Wizz Air’s starting week. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser and TUI’s online flight timetable.

Faro one of nine new or resumed airports for Wizz this year

Faro rejoins Wizz Air’s network this year, and is its third in Portugal. Its new London Luton – Faro service will be joined from 21 July by Vienna – Faro, which was announced in January.

Faro joins eight other new airports for the carrier so far this year: Abu Dhabi; Brussels; Gran Canaria; Paris Orly; Seville; Skelleftea; Yerevan; and Zaporizhzhya. 

Meanwhile, Bordeaux, Frankfurt International, and Lamezia Terme have been cut from its network this year.

London Luton’s seats to these six destinations after Monarch

Wizz Air’s London Luton routes are possible from the end of various others, including Bergen, Ljubljana, Kutaisi, Oslo, Prague, and Stavanger.

Despite the end of Monarch and TUI’s general decline at London Luton, seats to these six destinations have more than passed what they used to be.

In 2015, they collectively had 465,000, but by 2019 they had increased to 536,000. 

easyJet was the main engine of growth, with its seats to them growing 67%: from 217,000 to 362,000.  This pushed its share from 47% to 68%.

Wizz Air announces 14 new routes from this summer

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

The appeal of Greek islands from high performance and high leakage

The appeal of Greek islands comes from typically high performance: often strong fares and margins, but fairly low passenger volume.

It is, of course, offset by very summer-seasonal demand: Wizz Air will only operate for two months, partly from its late start, and, depending on the Greek airport, often significant peak-time slot restrictions, at least during normal times.

The appeal also comes from high leakage. 

The UK CAA Passenger Survey suggests that 65% of London’s Corfu passengers were leaked from Luton’s catchment, together with 79% for Rhodes, 82% Heraklion, and 82% Zakynthos.

Wizz Air announces 14 new routes from this summer

Source: OAG Mapper.


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