Nuremberg unveils post-COVID-19 incentive scheme with discounts of up to 95%

Nuremberg unveils post-COVID-19 incentive scheme with discounts of up to 95%

Nuremberg has unveiled its new incentive scheme to support airlines in the recovery period following COVID-19.

Entitled Blue Ocean Lifeline, the airport’s new scheme gives discounts of up to 95% based on seat load factor. 

After all, it is expected that airlines will have to block out the middle seat of each row, with social distancing clearly greatly affecting airline costs and revenue generation.

Its new scheme is therefore designed to help redress the balance. For example, one rotation by an A320 with a 65% SLF will be discounted by more than 40%.

Seat load factor Discount on landing/take-off charges and central infrastructure
Less than and including 33% per movement 95%
Less than and including 66% per movement 85%
More than 66% per movement 65%
Source: Nuremberg Airport. Other charges, including passenger-related, will be calculated based on the airport’s list of charges.

Significantly, Nuremberg’s Blue Ocean Lifeline, running until 27 March 2021, can be combined with its existing new route incentive scheme.

Nuremberg is Germany’s tenth-largest

The airport, Germany’s tenth-largest by seats, saw all of its movements suspended as a result of coronavirus.

Now, it seeks to assist airlines in the extremely tough market environment, which will inevitably exist for the foreseeable future.

Nuremberg had 5.3 million non-stop seats last year. Its 189-kilometre link to Frankfurt was its number-one route by seats because of Lufthansa’s significant onward connectivity.  Interestingly, OAG Traffic Analyser shows that Berlin Tegal was its leading destination over Frankfurt, followed by London Heathrow and Milan Malpensa.

Frankfurt had 411,000 (8%) of the airport’s seats last year. It was followed by the perennially popular leisure destinations of Antalya (390,000; 7%) and Palma (301,000; 6%).  The airport’s summer 2020 route map is shown below but is clearly very likely to change further.

Nuremberg unveils post-COVID-19 incentive scheme with discounts of up to 95%

Source: OAG Mapper.

Support for industry players crucial if it makes sense

Support for airlines has come from countries, airports, and other bodies. For example, Norway’s Avinor, which owns 44 airports across the country, cut fees, while IATA suspended its ‘use it or lose it’ slot rule for summer 2020.

The question is not if aviation will pick up again, but when. And where it makes sense, support must be given to the industry’s multiple players.


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