FlyArystan to start 4 new domestic Kazakhstan routes

FlyArystan to start 4 new domestic Kazakhstan routes (2)

FlyArystan, Kazakstan’s first and only low-cost carrier, is to begin four new domestic routes, one of which will have no competition.

Routing Start date Weekly frequency Direct competition
Almaty – Aktau 21-Jun 5 Air Astana (7), SCAT (7)
Shymkent – Atyrau 01-Jul 2 Qazak Air (3)
Shymkent – Aktau 01-Jul 3 SCAT (4)
Shymkent – Aktobe 01-Jul 2 None
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser and airline websites. Note: direct competition is based on the week that FlyArystan will begin each route.

At 2,087 kilometres, Almaty – Aktau will be the longest of FlyArystan’s new routes, followed by Shymkent – Aktau (1,502), Shymkent – Atyrau (1,491), and Shymkent – Aktobe (1,286). 

Shymkent is Kazakstan’s third-largest city, behind Almaty and the capital, Nur-Sultan.

Qazak will compete directly with FlyArystan on Shymkent – Atyrau.  It will operate a 78-seat Dash-8-400 –  the route is one of the world’s longest for the type – against a 180-seat A320. The difference is economics is clear.

FlyArystan to start 4 new domestic Kazakhstan routes

Source: OAG Mapper.

Productivity and demand stimulation key

FlyArystan, part of Air Astana, currently has six A320s.  Back in December,’s Chief Analyst, James Pearson, interviewed FlyArystan’s then Managing Director, Tim Jordan.

FlyArystan has a 40% cost advantage versus Air Astana. Aircraft productivity is aided by domestic sectors being one-to-two hours. Jordan said,  “For us, we want eight sectors a day.  That’s the most important thing.  That enables a potential of 1,200 passengers per aircraft each day.”


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