New routes announced (5 – 10 June)

Luxair reveals four new routes for this summer (3)

Luxair has revealed four new routes for this summer: Bordeaux, Innsbruck, Marseille, and Salzburg.

This follows its recent three-weekly Manchester announcement.

All four services start within the next month and run will until mid-to-late September.  At 747 kilometres, Luxembourg – Bordeaux will be its longest route of these four.  All will be operated by 76-seat Dash-8-400s. 

Luxembourg to… Start date Weekly frequency Aircraft Direct competition (WF)
Bordeaux 20 June 2 Dash-8-400 easyJet (4)
Innsbruck 4 July 1 Dash-8-400 None
Marseille 28 June 2 Dash-8-400 Volotea (2)
Salzburg 4 July 2 Dash-8-400 None
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser and Luxair’s website.

Bordeaux is one of the least affected areas in France from coronavirus 

Speaking to, Jean-Luc Poiroux, VP Business Development, Bordeaux Airport, said:

“I am very pleased to see that Luxair will – for the first time ever – serve Bordeaux.

Bordeaux has many well-known attractions that convinced Luxair to launch this route. The high quality of life; the high standard of touristic sites of our region, some of them prehistorical; the culture of gastronomy developed around our Bordeaux wine; and 200 kilometres of ocean beaches.

In addition, our Bordeaux region has been one of the least touched by the coronavirus crisis in France and in Europe and I note Luxair’s positive reactiveness to create a new operation to a region that offers a great quality-safeness ratio.”

Luxair will complement easyJet’s service to Bordeaux

Luxair’s new twice-weekly Bordeaux service will complement easyJet’s existing four-weekly operation.  Since 2018, around 60,000 passengers – primarily originating in Luxembourg – have now used easyJet’s service.

Luxair reveals four new routes for this summer

Source: OAG Mapper.

airBaltic expands Vilnius with two new routes to Dublin & London Gatwick

airBaltic has today said it will begin two additional routes from its Vilnius, Lithuania, base – its third-largest base by seats after Riga, Latvia, and Tallinn, Estonia. 

The carrier previously operated both routes, but not for nearly a decade.

London Gatwick will begin on 15 June and Dublin on 16 June – just 10 and 11 days from announcement to service.  

airBaltic now only operates 145-seat A220-300s as it withdrew its B737-300s and Dash-8-400s as a result of coronavirus.   

Routing Start date Weekly frequency Direct competition (WF) Indirect competition (WF)
Vilnius – Dublin 16 June 2 Ryanair (2) None
Vilnius – London Gatwick 15 June 3 None LOT Polish: London City (12); Ryanair: London Luton (2); Ryanair: London Southend (2) Ryanair: London Stansted (3); Wizz Air: Luton (11); Wizz Air: Southend (10)
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser. Note: while LOT Polish and Wizz Air have flights in the week airBaltic will begin its Gatwick route, Ryanair does not. Given this, the first week of July, when Ryanair’s Vilnius services resume, is used.

In addition to Gatwick and Dublin, airBaltic’s new Vilnius – Dubrovnik service, which was previously announced and due to start in May, will now begin on 6 July.

A ‘Baltics full house’ for Gatwick while Dublin the Irish capital

airBaltic has served Gatwick from Riga and Tallinn for many years.  Last year, it had 190,000 seats to/from Riga and 93,000 to/from Tallinn.

It returned to Dublin in 2019 (from Riga) after last serving the Irish capital in 2012.  It had 46,000 seats at Dublin last year.

Five London airports will now have Vilnius service across four airlines

By serving Gatwick, Vilnius will be connected to five London airports: City, Gatwick, Luton, Southend, and Stansted.  Only Heathrow remains unserved, which will almost certainly not change.

Last year, London – Vilnius had 566,000 seats, up 9% YOY from LOT Polish’s new service to London City and Ryanair’s growth (+11%) from beginning Southend and expanding Luton.

This offset Wizz Air’s decline (-20%) from reducing Luton in favour of Southend.

Ryanair was the London – Vilnius market leader with a 45% share of seats.

airBaltic expands Vilnius with two new routes to Dublin & London Gatwick

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


Eastern Airways surfs into Newquay with new Teesside route (2)

Eastern Airways has revealed a new, twice-weekly service between Teesside, in northeast England, and the English holiday hotspot of Newquay, Cornwall.  The 513-kilometre route will take off on 6 July and operate until 18 September. 

Routing Start date Days Aircraft Competition
Teesside – Newquay 6 July Monday, Friday Jetstream 41 None

The route will also benefit from Newcastle currently having no service to Newquay. Loganair announced Newcastle – Newquay for this summer, replacing flybe, but given coronavirus it is now expected to operate in S21.

Eastern Airways’ new Newquay route joins its other Teesside routes: Aberdeen, Alicante, Belfast City, Cardiff, Dublin, Isle of Man, Jersey, London City, and Southampton.  Most of these are new – with Eastern Airways – for this summer. 

Both Newquay and Teesside have suffered from the end of flybe, at which the carrier had a 75% and 27% share of seats last year respectively.  However, both airports are fighting back.

Eastern Airways surfs into Newquay with new Teesside route

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Long overland distance and slow surface modes, key requirements for intra-UK flights

Speaking of the new route, Pete Downes, Managing Director, Cornwall Airport Newquay, commented, “We’re delighted that Eastern Airways will be launching services between Cornwall Airport Newquay and Teesside this summer. Given the long distance and journey time of existing transport modes, improving air connectivity between Cornwall and the North of England is vitally important in supporting the recovery of our visitor economy and wider business community.”

Downes’ comment about the long distance and long journey time to Cornwall is crucial.  It is this – and the county’s enduring popularity – that inevitably means a good number of domestic routes will return to Newquay.


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