ASL Airlines France takes off from Paris CDG to Pau Pyrénées

This photo is not as glamorous and as exciting as other route launches, with a cake or a water arch or both, which is not surprising given coronavirus.  However, it is included here as it’s still great to see an airline start a new route, doubly so during a crisis.

On 10 June, ASL Airlines France began its first flight between Paris CDG and Pau Pyrénées.  This is the carrier’s first scheduled domestic service.

The 666-kilometre service departed Paris CDG at 1844 and touched down in Pau Pyrénées at 1950.  The return service departed Pau Pyrénées the following morning.

You can tell from this schedule that it is supported financially – in this instance by the Pau Béarn Pyrénées Agglomeration Community.  The reason: to counteract Air France’s reduced Paris CDG schedule. 

ASL Airlines France takes off from Paris CDG to Pau Pyrénées

Source: OAG Mapper.

ASL Airlines France is operating it (temporarily) to offset Air France’s cuts

In 2019, Paris – Pau Pyrénées had 619,000 seats at city-pair level, with Orly responsible for two-thirds of this capacity.

Because of coronavirus, Air France is currently only operating Paris CDG – Pau Pyrénées twice-weekly (Monday and Friday).  This is down from three-daily before coronavirus. 

To make up for this shortfall, ASL Airlines France is operating four-weekly (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). 

ASL Airlines France’s four-weekly service will only run for three weeks, ending on 26 June (to Paris CDG).  However, the airline said that it will consider extending it should it prove profitable.  Of course, the nature and duration of funding will strongly dictate this. 

ASL Airlines France revolves around Algeria

ASL Airlines France’s scheduled passenger seats currently total 227,000 for this year, up 51% YOY. 

Domestic routes are a far cry from its usual operations. 

In schedule passenger terms, 160,000 seats – 70% of its total – are deployed between France and Algeria.  The carrier helped to fill the void left by the demise of Aigle Azur.

Paris CDG – Algers is by far ASL Airlines France’s number-one route, with around 40% of its total seats.


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