PristinaJET to launch 4 routes this July using SmartLynx A320s

PristinaJET to launch 4 routes this July using SmartLynx A320s

PristinaJET, a tour operator, is to lease two 180-seat SmartLynx A320s to operate services from Pristina, Kosovo, from July.

Kosovo revolves around tour operators selling tickets to and from the country, whereby they either wet-lease aircraft, as with SmartLynx, or block-seats on a scheduled operator. A major operator, Reiseburo Prishtina, wet-leased aircraft from Orange2Fly and now uses aircraft from Air Mediterranean.

While details are currently scant, it is expected that PristinaJET will have four routes and SmartLynx will, on its behalf, operate up to 31 weekly services:

Most demand is for VFR reasons

Demand for these services comes from Kosovo diaspora in these cities and the desire to return home and visit family during summer months.

PristinaJET is an entirely separate tour operator to existing tour operators. 

PristinaJET to launch 4 routes this July using SmartLynx A320s (2)

These four destinations had ~840,000 passengers last year 

Passengers from Pristina to these four destinations totalled ~840,000 last year.

Basel had around 332,000 passengers, Düsseldorf 195,000, Stuttgart 190,000, and Munich 123,000, according to Kosovo’s CAA.

These four had about 35% of Pristina’s total passengers last year.

86 weekly frequencies to these four in mid-July

While it may change further, non-stop offerings in the week commencing 13 July 2020 – as of 12 June – are as follows.  This is based on each airline’s or tour operator’s website. 

In all, Basel will have 46 weekly frequencies; Stuttgart 17; Düsseldorf 15 (and also three to Dortmund); and Munich 8 (and also three to Memmingen). 

PristinaJET will be entering good-size, but clearly increasingly crowded, skies.

  Competition in the week of 13 July 2020 (weekly frequency)
Basel Air Mediterranean (12)*, ALK Airlines (7)** Chair (7)**, easyJet (7), Enter Air (4)***, Wizz Air (2)
Düsseldorf  Air Mediterranean (7)*, Eurowings (8)***, Wizz Air (Dortmund, 3)
Munich Air Mediterranean (5)*, Eurowings (3)***, Wizz Air (Memmingen, 3)
Stuttgart Air Mediterranean (7)*, ALK Airlines (2)**, Eurowings (8)***

Sources: airline booking engines and tour operator websites. * Sold through Reiseburo Prishtina, or ** Sold through *** Sold through and Eurokoha via Eurowings, Chair, and Wizz Air obviously also sell directly. 

With thanks to Vigan Bujupi for his assistance with this article.


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