“30 Minutes With Loganair CEO” video available here; will Loganair serve Heathrow? “No!”

anna.aero’s first “30 Minutes With” webinar was held on 11 June – with over 750 registered for it.

Starring Loganair CEO Jonathan Hinkles, it was the biggest-ever ‘meeting’ of airports from across the UK and Ireland.

With answers you cannot find on Google or Wiki, this was a fast-paced session with no boring waffle or PowerPoint slides.  

Using our table, below, fast-forward to questions of specific interest to you. 

Time Interview question
00:06:07 1.    It looks like Loganair is doing many things similar to bmi regional and flybe, including expanding very quickly. What are you doing differently to avoid the mistakes they made?
  Equipment questions
00:08:39 2.    You have got about 20 ATR-42s on order and in service. What’s your plan for your jets, the ERJ-135s and -145s? Are they going to be replaced, or do all the new ATRs spell growth?
  3.    If the jets are staying:
00:10:01 ·         Can the jets, with high seat costs, work viably on UK routes?
00:11:10 ·         Are there more jet markets in Northern Europe you’ll look at?
  Specific airport and route questions
00:14:01 4.    You have recently cut routes and removed Carlisle, Cardiff, Dublin, Bournemouth, and Stansted from your network, and significantly reduced London Southend. Does this suggest there aren’t many more new route possibilities within the UK?
00:16:22 5.    You have decided not to operate Edinburgh-Manchester, a former flybe route which was to be a reasonably thick four-daily service. What happened? Was it about the difficulty of competing against roughly 3.5-hour trains?
00:18:15 6.    Given the C-19 crisis, you cut several seasonal services from Cornwall-Newquay, Jersey, Guernsey, and Bergen for S20.  Which of these airports – and what routes – will return next summer?
00:19:10 7.    You have ended Cardiff from Glasgow, meaning the Welsh capital is no longer connected to Edinburgh or Glasgow (although it is to Aberdeen and Teesside by Eastern).  What factors are preventing Cardiff to Edinburgh/Glasgow?
00:20:36 8.   Given this once daily service and potential implications about the usability and convenience (and all the rest) would you say that other routes which only have once a day, should be worried?
00:21:35 9.    With flybe’s demise, Belfast City lost core routes to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham. Are you interested in these, or do you think competition from easyJet services at Belfast International is just too strong?
00:22:12 10.    What is Loganair’s London airport strategy? In normal times, Loganair serves London City from Dundee and Southend from Derry – having cut Stansted. Is this just because of slots?
00:23:10 11. flybe used ringfenced slots at Heathrow to develop a series of domestic services. Is Heathrow – and the possible immense connectivity and feed opportunities – of any interest to Loganair?
00:23:31 12. You have a growing number of codeshares. Do you have any ambition to have a deeper relationship with a bigger feed partner – while no doubt fiercely maintaining your independence?
00:24:24 13. Southampton: flybe had a massive network 14 routes to France, including CDG and five others under 500km. Now it has none. Surely you could operate some formerly profitable ready-made markets?
00:25:47 14. Irish airports: Shannon no longer has service to Scotland, EDI abandoned by Aer Lingus Regional only this year. Is Scotland’s airline interested in Edinburgh or Glasgow from SNN?
00:27:05 15. Irish airports: Any more views on other Irish airports? We have Cork, Dublin, Knock and Waterford all tuned in.
  The airport partnership questions
00:28:27 16. Do enough airports look to the destination at the other end of the route, and work collaboratively together to get Loganair’s business?
00:29:50 17. Regional airports should know the value of their catchment areas like their back of their hands, maybe using modern “aspirational” data from Kiwi, Skyscanner, etc to better find out about true demand. Are you happy with the evidential strength of new route proposals from airports?
00:31:08 18. If you don’t have PSO support, what’s Loganair’s minimum size market?
00:31:59 19. Apart from lower fees, what is the number-one thing airports can do to help your cause?
00:33:51 20.  And so can you tell us those airports who aren’t really doing good enough just yet?
00:34:23 21. Finally, is there an airport which has a stand-out, awesome performance for marketing its Loganair routes?  Ultimately, do a lot of other airports need to try harder?
  Questions from the audience
00:35:19 Tom Screen, Aviation Director of Birmingham Airport When do you anticipate having a fully streamlined and replaced fleet fitting the needs of your expansion plans?
00:36:16 Steve Frazer, Airport Manager of City of Derry Airport Roughly what percentage of pre-COVID domestic traffic do you expect to recover by end-2020?
00:37:53 Dave Edwards, CEO, The Air Charter Association How supportive has the Scottish Government been and has this been more positive than for English-based airlines?
00:40:21 James Cole, Head of Forecasting, Mott Macdonald Do you see new PSO and route opportunities?
00:42:16 Greg Cope, Director, Tognut Aviation What are you planning to do more from Norwich?
00:43:15 LAST QUESTION OF THE DAY: So very last question – Electric planes. The Government has invested £9 million in the project by Cranfield Aerospace and Rolls-Royce to develop an electric Islander aircraft for Loganair to use on your Orkney Island routes. So, indeed – will we see the first Loganair electric commercial routes in just two years’ time?

Don’t forget to sign-up for our next face-paced “30 Minutes With” webinar, this time with Ryanair’s chief airport negotiator on 25 June. 

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