Ryanair announces 15 new routes; takes aim at SkyUp

Ryanair announces 15 new routes; takes aim at SkyUp

Ryanair has revealed 15 new routes, all from this summer – and almost all starting in less than a month.

Ukraine features heavily, with 11 new services to Italy.  This is due to large Ukrainian diaspora in Italy.  It also reflects changes in the competitive landscape between Ukraine and Italy.

Meanwhile, Ryanair’s Lauda Air is to start four new routes from Germany. 

All 15 routes are summer-seasonal – at least for now.

Summary of Ryanair’s new routes

Routing Start date Weekly frequency Direct competition (weekly frequency)* Indirect competition (weekly frequency)*
Düsseldorf – Barcelona 1 August 4 Eurowings (18) Vueling (3)** None (based on Düsseldorf itself)
Düsseldorf – Dublin 1 August 4 Aer Lingus (0)**, Eurowings (7) None (based on Düsseldorf itself)
Düsseldorf – London Stansted 1 August 4 None British Airways (44), easyJet (2)**; Eurowings (27)
Kharkiv – Milan Bergamo 6 July 2 None None
Kiev Boryspil – Bologna 7 July 3 SkyUp (3)*** Jonika Airlines (2)
Kiev Boryspil – Catania 7 July 2 SkyUp (3)*** None
Kiev Boryspil – Milan Bergamo 6 July 4 SkyUp (3)*** Ukraine International (7)***;
Kiev Boryspil – Rome Fiumicino 6 July 5 SkyUp (3)***; Ukraine International (7)*** None
Lviv – Bologna 6 July 2 None None
Lviv – Milan Bergamo 7 July 2 SkyUp (2)*** None
Lviv – Rome Fiumicino 8 July 2 SkyUp (2)*** None
Odessa – Bologna 6 July 2 None None
Odessa – Milan Bergamo 6 July 2 None None
Odessa – Rome Fiumicino 8 July 2 None None
Stuttgart – Barcelona 17 July 2 Eurowings (3)**, Vueling (3) None
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser and each airline’s website. *  Based on the same week as Ryanair begins. ** As a result of coronavirus, some frequencies are temporarily down significantly. Eurowings and Vueling both have three weekly frequencies on Stuttgart – Barcelona in the week in question, down from the expected 16 and 12 weekly respectively; Vueling has two weekly in this week from Düsseldorf  against the normal 12; easyJet’s two weekly to London Gatwick is normally six; Aer Lingus would normally have 14 weekly services from Düsseldorf to Dublin, but none will operate in this particular week. They do resume soon afterwards, however. *** SkyUp’s services restart around a week after Ryanair’s, but to ensure the true competitive landscape they were included here. Ukraine International’s restart on 1 August, but are included here to ensure the true competitive landscape is seen.

A fast-growing country-pair as Ryanair takes aim at SkyUp

Ukraine – Italy is a fast-growing market that had almost 1.3 million seats last year, up 18% YOY, OAG Schedules Analyser shows.

Ryanair announces 15 new routes; takes aim at SkyUp (2)

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Interestingly, this country-pair has often appealed to niche operators, with some airlines effectively set up to serve it.

Ernest, which ended in early 2020, was one such airline.  It ended last year with a 41% share of seats in this country-pair.

Fast-forward to now, and seven of Ryanair’s 11 Ukraine – Italy routes were previously operated by Ernest, even if not involving the same airport, such as Kharkiv to Milan Malpensa rather than Ryanair’s Bergamo.

Five Ukraine – Italy routes have no competition

Surprisingly, Wizz Air – a big Ukraine operator – has no routes from the country to Italy, so the gap’ that Ryanair identified.  Five of Ryanair’s 11 new routes will have no competition. 

These include Odessa – Milan, a city-pair with 13,000 passengers last year, per OAG Traffic Analyser.  Despite competition from SkyUp and Ukraine International from Kiev to Milan, this city-pair still had over 24,000 indirect passengers last year, showing how relatively underserved by non-stops Ukraine – Italy is.

Meanwhile, six of Ryanair’s new Ukraine routes will primarily compete with SkyUp.  Unusually for Ryanair, the Irish carrier will have slightly more weekly frequencies than its new adversary.

With 13,000 passengers from Kiev to Florence/Pisa (combined) and no non-stop service, Pisa seems a good future route.

New Dusseldorf – Stansted fills vacuum that previously had up to 600,000 seats

Düsseldorf and Weeze to Stansted has had a tough history. 

Seats have been significant in the past, with almost 600,000 in 2010.  That year, airberlin had up to 18 flights a week from Düsseldorf to Stansted, while Ryanair had up to 19 weekly services from Weeze.

Düsseldorf – Stansted ended in 2015, while Weeze – Stansted ended last year.

Now, Ryanair’s Lauda AOC will serve Stansted from 1 August, albeit on a four-weekly basis.

Ryanair announces 15 new routes; takes aim at SkyUp (3)

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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