FlyPelican to begin Canberra to Ballina for Byron Bay

FlyPelican to begin Canberra to Ballina for Byron Bay

FlyPelican, a regional airline in Australia, is to begin a new service from Canberra to Ballina, in the far northeast of New South Wales. 

This is driven by tourism, with Ballina the gateway airport to the famous Byron Bay.

Taking off on 3 July, 19-seat Jetstream 31s will ply the route on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

With a block time of 2h 20m to cover the 828-kilometre route, this is very long for Jetstream 31s.

FlyPelican’s 2020 network comprises eight routes, as follows, with Newcastle – Canberra by far its most significant route by seats.

FlyPelican to begin Canberra to Ballina for Byron Bay

Source: FlyPelican’s website.

Head of Aviation at Canberra Airport, Michael Thomson, said: “After months of disruption to the aviation and tourism industry, the Canberra-to-Ballina flight link will bring a much-needed boost to the local economies of both our regions. Domestic travel is slowly getting back to normal and Canberra Airport is determined to facilitate the recovery.”

“FlyPelican has been a long-time partner of Canberra Airport and we’re delighted to begin a new partnership with the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, so we can continue to bring a wider travel offering to Canberra.”

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