Aena’s New Incentive Scheme

From 1st July 2020 and until the 31st of March 2021, Aena has approved an “Extraordinary Incentive Package to stimulate traffic recovery for S20 and W20”. This package replaces the previous one for growth and route to a new destination to be able to face the new challenges of the current context.

The incentive promotes the recovery of the airlines’ operations in relation to their performance at equivalent months in the previous year when it surpasses specific percentages of traffic recovery. Thus, it awards each airline with a refund of their average monthly landing charge for all monthly operations at Aena’s network that exceed a base and a stretch target. These targets have been established based on the recovery trajectories projected by international organizations.

In this sense, the refund will be:

  • 75% of each airline’s average landing charge for the operations between Base and Stretch levels.
  • 100% of each airline’s average landing charge for the operations over Stretch level.

Volumes of recovery.

In addition to this, the package approved includes other incentives aimed at promoting traffic recovery. They consist on refunds on Fast Track, Fast Lane (both of them when available) and on rental of spaces.

Detailed information on these incentives including reference volumes, percentages, discounts on tariffs and contracts, and other aspects to consider, can be found at

Incentives 2020 & Aena Prices Guide 2020

Airlines can also contact Aena’s marketing team to learn more about the incentive package or potential routes for re-start.

Apart from the approval of an airport charges incentive scheme, it is noteworthy to mention that a multidisciplinary team from different Aena’s areas has developed an Operational Recovery Plan. The Group has worked to implement the health measures that comply with EASA and ECDC’s recommendations and are validated by the Spanish Health Ministry. The measures are aimed at ensuring that the Spanish airports re-start operations safely, inspiring trust and confidence to both passengers and airport staff. It is worth to mention some of the main global measures, such as the reinforcement of the disinfection of shared surfaces inside and outside the terminal building or the coordination with the Health Authority to implement the sanitary control at arrivals including temperature screening.

Further information about COVID-19 measures in place can be found at Measures COVID-19


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