SunExpress restarts Münster Osnabrück

SunExpress restarts Münster Osnabrück

Despite the hour, Mathias Richter, Münster Osnabrück’s Manager of Aviation Marketing, right, shows his keeness to celebrate the relaunch of SunExpress from the airport.

SunExpress, a core operator between non-Istanbul Turkey and Europe, has restarted Münster Osnabrück.

Flight XQ251 took off from the German airport at 0009 on 3 August, touching down into Antalya at 0423.

The carrier had suspended Münster Osnabrück given coronavirus, and its relaunch is despite the on-going travel ban to Turkey.

SunExpress, which has served Münster Osnabrück for 30 years, now serves Antalya twice-weekly this month, rising – depending on the full lifting of the travel ban – to once-daily from September until the end of S20.

Pre-coronavirus, the carrier expected to operate a 19-weekly Antalya – Münster Osnabrück service.

Turkey is crucially important to Münster Osnabrück, both for tourism and VFR. 

Six Turkish destinations are served from the German airport – Antalya, Adana, Bodrum, Izmir, Kayseri, and Zonguldak – across SunExpress and Corendon Airlines, with Turkey accounting for 23% of the airport’s passengers last year.

SunExpress restarts Münster Osnabrück


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