Corendon announces Düsseldorf + Basel bases; 15 routes added at DUS

Corendon announces Düsseldorf + Basel bases; 15 routes added at DUS

Corendon will open two new bases at Düsseldorf and Basel next May.

The addition of Düsseldorf will take its German bases to five, joining Cologne, Hannover, Münster/Osnabrück, and Nuremberg.

Germany has become a huge part of Corendon’s network, ending last year with 55% of the carrier’s European seat capacity, OAG Schedules data shows.

This is up from less than one-fifth back in 2017, with its growth clearly aided by the end of airberlin.

Corendon announces Düsseldorf + Basel bases; 15 routes added at DUS

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Corendon’s network includes 22 airports in Germany

Corendon serves (or will serve) 22 airports in Germany.

Along with its five bases, these comprise Berlin Brandenburg (from 2021), Berlin Tegel, Bremen, Dresden, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Memmingen, Munich, Paderborn, Rostock, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart, and Weeze.

As Basel’s new routes are not yet known or available for booking – and its schedule is currently all using non-based aircraft – this article focuses on its new German base.

Corendon will have 21 routes from Düsseldorf

Corendon will introduce 15 routes from its new base at Düsseldorf, taking its total from the North Rhine-Westphalia airport to 21, as shown in the table that follows.

These 15 routes had over 2.8 million passengers from the German airport last year, OAG Traffic Analyser, using MIDT booking data, indicates.

Obviously Palma was by far number-one with getting on for nearly half of these passengers, while Ankara had the largest estimated volume of indirect traffic at just over 30,000 in this O&D of 173,000.

Corendon will have 55 weekly frequencies at Düsseldorf next May, which excludes Rhodes which is listed in the airline’s pull-down menu but is not currently bookable.

These routes include a strong focus on Turkish VFR markets – seven are coming – given NRW, the state in which Düsseldorf is located, has over 500,000 Turks. 

Route summary

Düsseldorf to… Weekly frequency in May 2021 Starting
Ankara 3 16 May
Adana 2 14 May
Antalya 7 Existing
Bodrum 2 23 May
Diyarbakır 2 16 May
Fuerteventura 2 2 May
Gaziantep 2 15 May
Gran Canaria 2 1 May
Heraklion 3 Existing
Hurghada 2 Existing
Ibiza 2 4 May
Izmir 7 Existing
Kayseri 2 Existing
Lamezia Terme 1 1 May
Olbia 2 3 May
Palma 7 1 May
Rhodes 0 Existing
Samsun 2 15 May
Tenerife South 1 6 May
Trabzon 2 17 May
Zonguldak 2 14 May
Source: the airline’s website. Note: as schedules are incomplete or as yet unavailable, we decided against including direct and indirect competition details in this article. 

Corendon’s Düsseldorf schedule takes shape, but incomplete?

Looking at Corendon’s schedules shows that it will have an overnight service from Düsseldorf to Adana, Ankara, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Samsun, or Trabzon on most nights.

Bodrum will use non-based aircraft, likewise the carrier’s existing routes.

Interestingly, at the time of writing two services do not fit into the day-by-day schedule, as shown below, and are not operated by non-based aircraft: Gran Canaria on a Tuesday (0715-1720) and Zongdulak on a Monday (0700-1445).

Day-by-day scheduling
Aircraft one
Monday Palma (1330-1910); Adana (2050-0605+1)
Tuesday Ibiza (0700-1310); Ankara (2050-0605+1)
Wednesday Fuerteventura (0715-1710); Diyarbakır (2020-0600+1)
Thursday Palma (1410-1950); Ankara (2050-0605+1)
Friday Zonguldak (0700-1445); Ibiza (1540-2150)
Saturday Lamezia Terme (0700-1310); Palma (1410-1950); Samsun (2100-0600+1)
Sunday Fuerteventura (0715-1710); Diyarbakır (2020-0600+1)
Aircraft two
Monday Olbia (0705-1220); Trabzon (2040-0600+1)
Tuesday Palma (1330-1910); Gaziantep (2050-0610+1)
Wednesday Palma (1330-1910); Samsun (2100-0610+1)
Thursday Tenerife South (0715-1730); Trabzon (2040-0600+1)
Friday Palma (1320-1900); Adana (2050-0605+1)
Saturday Gran Canaria (0715-1720); Gaziantep (2050-0610+1)
Sunday Palma (1410-1950); Ankara (2050-0605+1)
Source: the airline’s website.


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