Fort Lauderdale’s 39 unserved routes <1,500mi with 925,000 passengers

Fort Lauderdale’s 39 unserved routes <1,500 miles with 925,000 passengers

Could any of these 39 routes appeal to start-up Breeze, which is expected to start in March 2021?

There has been a rise in new, thin leisure-focused routes during coronavirus, which is likely to continue. 

As such, this article looks at unserved markets from Fort Lauderdale. And if these unserved markets are also unserved from Miami, this airport’s data is included too.

To qualify, there must have been at least 10,000 passengers in 2019 (whether both airports combined or just Fort Lauderdale) and be within 1,500 miles. 

Those that were served last year or this year but which have been cut are also included.

In all, 39 markets were identified with a collective 925,000 passengers and an average of almost 24,000.  

The largest unserved are – in order – Tulsa (OK), Manchester (NH), Greensboro (NC), Little Rock (AR), Omaha (NE), Burlington (VT), Portland (ME), Madison (WI), Bloomington/Peoria (IL), and Oklahoma City (OK).

Collectively, these 10 had almost 406,000 passengers in 2019.

Fort Lauderdale’s 39 unserved routes <1,500 miles with 25,000 passengers

The top-10 unserved routes by 2019 passenger volume. Note: Peoria is used here as a proxy for the combined Bloomington/Peoria. Source: OAG Mapper.

Fort Lauderdale possibilities for Breeze?

In August, we explored 66 potential route opportunities for Breeze from midsized, underserved, and broadly forgotten airports: Birmingham, Little Rock, Louisville, and Tulsa

We showed how intentionally clear as mud Breeze has been over possible airports and routes, which is of course very sensible.

But some of these 39 routes from Fort Lauderdale may appeal to the start-up too.

Since the above article was written, the carrier has said – whether misleadingly or not – that:

“It will fly from an airport in the southeast to four airports in the northeast, and from another airport even further south to four airports in the northeast, southeast, and southern plains.”

39 unserved routes from Fort Lauderdale

A stimulation factor has been applied to the following 2019 passenger volume based on those used by SEO Economics.

As Breeze will be a hybrid carrier, each stimulation factor has been averaged from that for LCCs and FSCs. 

It is estimated that weekly frequencies would vary between two and three based on 140 seats (more or less what Breeze’s A220-300s may have), with an average weekly frequency of three.

All unserved from Fort Lauderdale (and 28 unserved from Miami too) Est. 2019 passengers (Fort Lauderdale and Miami if unserved) Est. weekly frequencies at 75% share after stimulation factor applied Last served from Fort Lauderdale
Tulsa (OK) 52,092 3 Was served from Miami until 2018
Manchester (NH) 45,421 3 2013 (Southwest)
Greensboro (NC) 44,531 3 2019 (Spirit)
Little Rock (AR) 42,540 3  
Omaha (NE) 41,059 3  
Burlington (VT) 40,286 3  
Portland (ME) 35,176 3  
Madison (WI) 34,594 3  
Bloomington/Peoria (IL) 35,457 3  
Oklahoma City (OK) 34,470 3  
Wichita (KS) 33,767 3  
Des Moines (IA) 28,938 3  
Harrisburg (PA) 26,811 3 2011 (AirTran)
Akron Canton (OH) 24,955 3 2018 (Spirit)
Appleton/Green Bay (WI) 24,908 3  
Birmingham (AL) 24,790 3 2020 (Southwest)
Chattanooga (TN) 24,698 3 2010 (Allegiant)
Wilmington (NC) 23,294 3  
Dayton (OH) 21,508 2  
Huntsville (AL) 19,192 2  
Springfield (MO) 18,702 2  
Wilkes-Barre Scranton (PA) 17,354 2  
Cedar Rapids (IA) 16,910 2  
Augusta (GA) 16,549 2  
Charlottesville (VA) 16,138 2  
South Bend (IN) 15,313 2  
Moline (IL) 15,099 2  
Roanoke (VA) 14,911 2  
Fort Wayne (IN) 14,418 2  
Columbia (SC) 14,236 2  
Savannah (GA) 13,249 2 2011 (Allegiant)
Charleston (WV) 13,047 2 2012 (Spirit)
Bangor (ME) 13,012 2 2012 (Allegiant)
Fayetteville (AR) 12,306 2  
Newport News (VA) 11,652 2  
Mobile (AL) 11,601 2  
Jackson (MS) 10,978 2  
Shreveport (LA) 10,665 2  
Fayetteville (NC) 10,383 2  
Source: booking data via OAG Traffic Analyser.  Data also from OAG Schedules Analyser.

10 of these 39 routes are or will be served from Miami

Of these 39, 10 are served – or will be served – from Miami.  

American Airlines has increasingly focused on low-frequency new routes from its fourth-largest hub.

The likes of Columbia (SC), Dayton (OH), Des Moines (IA), Jackson (MS), Northwest Arkansas (AR), Oklahoma City (OK), Omaha (NE), and Portland (ME) are all coming or started fairly recently.  

However, these are all unserved from Fort Lauderdale, which typically has greater demand than Miami.

A special mention to Rochester

A special mention must go to Rochester (NY). 

This airport had over 75,000 passengers to the two Florida airports last year, booking data shows.  But it is woefully underserved. 

It has a once-weekly, Saturday-only service to Fort Lauderdale with Southwest and, from this November, it will have the same to Miami with American Airlines.

Rochester’s Florida network encompasses Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Miami (from November), Orlando, Orlando Sanford, Punta Gorda, and Tampa.


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