Southwest reveals 9 routes from Miami, Montrose, and Palm Springs; Denver now its #1 airport

Southwest reveals 9 routes from Miami, Montrose, and Palm Springs; Denver now its #1 airport

Three new airports – Miami, Montrose, and Palm Springs – will join Southwest’s network this year, together providing nine new routes. Denver is now the carrier’s top airport by weekly departures.

Southwest has announced nine routes from three new airports: Miami, Montrose, and Palm Springs.

Miami and Palm Springs were already known, but Montrose was not.  Nor were the routes.

They join multiple other routes announced recently, including 11 in June.

Its new Palm Springs services will further boost the airport’s W20, with its November 2020 flights up by 17% before Southwest’s arrival.

Southwest’s nine new routes will have 137 weekly departures when they begin, with five routes having direct competition.

It is noteworthy how bullish Southwest is being, with brand-new Miami to Baltimore and Houston Hobby starting with 26- and 25-weekly services each.

Southwest will also have 37 weekly services from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore and 21 to Hobby, its website indicates.

It is about cash generation in more buoyant leisure markets. Southwest’s revenue in October is likely to be down by 65-75% YOY, with load factors in the 45-55% range.

These three new airports build on Hilo added in January 2020, Cozumel in March, and Steamboat Springs coming on 19 December.

Routing Start date Weekly frequency* Direct competition**
MiamiBaltimore 15 November 26 American (6), Frontier (2)
Miami – Houston Hobby 15 November 25 None
Miami – Chicago Midway 15 November 7 None
Miami – Tampa 15 November 18 American (24)
Montrose – Denver 19 December 19 United (28)
Montrose – Dallas Love 19 December 3 None
Palm Springs – Denver 15 November 7 United (20), Frontier (1)
Palm Springs – Oakland 15 November 13 None
Palm Springs – Phoenix 15 November 19 American (14), Boutique (7)
Source: airline websites and OAG Schedules Analyser. *In the week Southwest begins them. **In the week Southwest starts.

Southwest’s top airport now Denver

Denver is now Southwest’s top airport, up from second last year, OAG schedules data indicates. 

This is based on the week starting 12 October 2020 and it is in comparison to the year-ago week.

Airlines for America’s latest report, from 8 October, shows that Colorado’s percentage change in passenger flights is far better than the national average.

Chicago Midway is now second (down from first), followed by Baltimore (up by one place), Las Vegas (down one), and Dallas Love (unchanged). 

Atlanta and Orlando join the top-10, temporarily pushing Oakland and Los Angeles out.

In this mid-October week, Southwest’s top-10 airports have a collective 8,133 departures, down by almost one-third from 11,901.

Southwest will have 1,196 departures from Denver, reduced by 400 YOY, equivalent to 57 fewer daily departures.

The carrier will have a 28% share of the Colorado airport’s 4,301 departures in this week, up from 23% last year.

So far in 2020, Southwest has launched three new routes from Denver: Des Moines (March), Birmingham (September), and Wichita (September).

These will be joined later this year by five others: Little Rock (4 November), Charlotte (17 December), Steamboat Springs (19 December) – and now Montrose and Palm Springs.

Southwest reveals 9 routes from Miami, Montrose, and Palm Springs; Denver now its #1 airport

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Southwest has 57 routes from Denver

Southwest will have 57 routes in this October week, down from 62 YOY.

Eight routes have been removed in this YOY comparison, offset by the three additions mentioned above. 

Newark has of course permanently ended following Southwest’s focus on La Guardia.  Aside from this, those temporarily removed are Hartford, Cincinnati, El Paso, Jacksonville, Lubbock, Charleston, and Puerto Vallarta.

California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Tennessee are Southwest’s top-five states by departures this year.

California rules, with 18% of Southwest’s Denver services, down from one-fifth YOY.  It has almost twice as many departures as Texas, with 10 California airports served.

Southwest has a minimum of seven departures on all 57 routes. Nine routes have this minimum, including Boston, Detroit, La Guardia, and Washington Dulles.  

A4A shows that the state of New York is the second-worst afflicted by the percentage change in flights, with Southwest’s La Guardia – Denver down by 63% YOY.

31 routes, meanwhile, have at least a 21-weekly service, led by Phoenix (73), Las Vegas (51), Midway (48), Houston (48), and Love (42).

Hobby and Nashville are both up by one departure a week, while Phoenix is down by just one. 

Others, however, have been hit hard, such as Los Angeles and Kansas City, down as they are by 26 and 25 weekly respectively.  This pushed Kansas City from Southwest’s sixth-largest route from Denver in 2019 to joint-13th.

Southwest reveals 9 routes from Miami, Montrose, and Palm Springs; Denver now its #1 airport

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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