Charities praise Budapest Airport Runway Run for commitment during coronavirus

During a time when the world’s population faces difficulties, Budapest Airport and came together once again to help those who face hardship every day, every year, and not just in 2020.

This year it seemed even more poignant to ensure those in need were not forgotten due to the new struggles everyone is experiencing.  Therefore, the Hungarian gateway and the airline network news and analysis platform committed to guarantee the annual Runway Run event for charity.

This commitment, hard work, and creativity led to the eighth Budapest Airport – Runway Run on Saturday 19 September – the air transport industry’s annual premier charity-sportive.

Ploughing on through tough times, nearly 600 runners raced down the airport’s runway, raising an inspiring €19,172 for the Hungarian SUHANJ! Foundation and the international Anthony Nolan Foundation.

Budapest Airport’s CCO, Kam Jandu (second right) and team donate nearly €10,000 to the Hungarian SUHANJ! Foundation.

Péter Gusztos, from SUHANJ!, commented at the recent donation ceremony:

“Throughout the years, the Runway Run races have become a celebration of equality in the life of SUHANJ! team.

This is the only running event in Hungary where our athletes with disabilities can fully experience what accessibily means. 

There are no pot-holes, no curbs or sharp turns on the course, only the freedom of movement.

Our cooperation with Budapest Airport gives more room for progress not only to the athletes individually, but also to our entire organisation, because our foundation can always use the proceeds of the event and the donations of the company for the most important developments.

This was the case at the beginning of our cooperation, when six years ago Budapest Airport appeared as the main sponsor to the opening of Hungary’s first accessible gym, the SUHANJ! Fitness.

Even now they provide a significant donation to help us expand our activities and establish a nationwide SUHANJ! network.”

Anthony Nolan’s certificate of appreciation to the Runway Run: “Another successful run, managed even in 2020! Our sincerest thanks and admiration”, said Mike Blackwell, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Anthony Nolan.

Anthony Nolan

“We are incredibly proud of Budapest Runway Run and that this phenomenal event has been supporting Anthony Nolan for eight remarkable years,” effuses Mike Blackwell, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Anthony Nolan.

“The charity makes lifesaving connections between people with blood cancer and incredible strangers ready to donate their stem cells. It’s fair to say that a lifesaving legacy has been created and we cannot thank the whole team behind the run enough.”


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