Sunshine Coast launches Canberra flights for the first time

Canberra to Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast launches Canberra flights for the first time

A fantastic cake to commemorate the start of Canberra – Sunshine Coast flights.  Showing Australia’s Parliament House and Canberra’s closeness to all that the Queensland area has to offer, it’s topped off by an Alliance Airlines Fokker.

Alliance Airlines launched Canberra – Sunshine Coast on 23 October, connecting the two airports for the first-ever time.

This route was made possible by the Queensland Government’s $15 million Aviation Recovery Fund.

Operating twice-weekly using 100-seat Fokker 100s, the 1,034-kilometre service routes Cairns – Sunshine Coast – Canberra and back.

Read more: Sunshine Coast to Cairns took off on 17 July.

Sunshine Coast Airport’s CEO, Andrew Brodie, said: “This exciting new route will be key to opening a whole new visitor market for our region, with Canberrans expected to flock north to enjoy our beautiful beaches, stunning hinterland setting, and vibrant food scene.”

Visit Sunshine Coast Interim CEO, Craig Davidson, added that: “The area has long been a popular destination for the Australian Capital Territory, and because of our reputation for beach culture and nature-based holidays, we anticipate there will be strong demand for the new service.”

Sunshine Coast launches Canberra flights for the first time

Surf’s up! A good reminder that Australia is entering its summer season as we in the northern hemisphere prepare for the cold.


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