flydubai becomes THIRD airline on brand-new Tel Aviv to Dubai

flydubai becomes THIRD airline on brand-new Tel Aviv to Dubai (2)

flydubai will begin Dubai – Tel Aviv on 26 November with a 14-weekly service. In its first week of operating, 19 two-way connections will be available, a market of 704,000 in 2019 (and 358,000 if non-stop passengers are stripped out).

flydubai has announced a 14-weekly service between Dubai and Tel Aviv, beginning in just three weeks.

The carrier will be the first of three airlines on the airport-pair. Arkia and Israir, which had already revealed the route, will join it in December.

When all three are operating, and assuming no changes, there will be 28-weekly services between the two airports.  The limit, under the new bilateral, is 28 weekly on both sides

flydubai’s capacity from day one is substantial. This is especially so given the lack of time until it begins, strict entry conditions, and overall demand being significantly reduced because of the pandemic.

That said, the UAE carrier won’t simply be relying on point-to-point demand.  Its schedule is designed to feed and to be fed by big brother Emirates, as well as its own services over Dubai, as we explore below.

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Airline Start date Weekly frequencies
Arkia 9 December 7
flydubai 26 November 14
Israir 17 December 7
Source: airline websites.

flydubai and Emirates have 19 two-way connections over Dubai; 704,000 passengers

flydubai will depart from its home airport at 0940 and 2200 each day, and return at 1735 and 0605.

We previously showed that over 1.9 million were carried between Tel Aviv and East and Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific in 2019. Or over 1.1 million after non-stop passengers are stripped out.

With flydubai’s frequency and schedule, it’ll have two-way online connectivity to six destinations, with five within Central Asia: Almaty, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Nur-Sultan, and Tashkent.

This assumes up to five hours’ transit time, the first week of operation, and excluding countries that do not accept Israeli passports.

Booking data via OAG Traffic Analyser shows that 89,000 flew between Tel Aviv and these five Central Asan cities in 2019. Tashkent was the only one served non-stop, with Almaty the largest unserved with an estimated 24,000 passengers.

flydubai will also have 14 possible two-way connections with Emirates. 

Bangkok, Johannesburg, Delhi, Mumbai, and Singapore are key here. In normal times, all except Singapore are served non-stop from Tel Aviv. They will restart in December or in 2021, enabling flydubai and Emirates to capture a proportion of what demand there is.

When combined, these 19 airports had 704,000 passengers to/from Tel Aviv last year.  Stripping out non-stop, that traffic reduces to 358,000. 

Clearly, more O&Ds will be available as flydubai and Emirates add back routes and increase frequencies on existing routes.

flydubai becomes THIRD airline on brand-new Tel Aviv to Dubai (3)

With flydubai’s schedule, 19 two-way connections will be available over Dubai between its own services and Emirates’. More will become available as routes and frequencies are added back. Source: OAG Mapper.


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