Ryanair has new top route this winter – Catania to Rome Fiumicino

Ryanair has new top route this winter – Catania to Rome Fiumicino

Exceptional times, exceptional measures. All of Ryanair’s top-10 routes this winter are within Italy, with Catania to Rome Fiumicino its number-one route.

Catania to Rome Fiumicino is Ryanair’s top route this winter by both seats and flights.  This is based on the latest filed data, on 2 November, from OAG Schedules Analyser.

In fact, all of Ryanair’s top-10 routes have changed this winter.  All are now domestic and within Italy.  

Once again, this shows the significance of domestic markets in coronavirus times.  And it underlines the importance of shifting assets to where they may be better used versus heavily restricted countries which have seen much greater seat reductions.

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It’s also in response to Wizz Air’s growth in Italy, with three bases there now – Bari, Catania, and Milan Malpensa – and 13 domestic routes. 

Wizz Air’s top-two routes this winter are now within Italy: Catania to both Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino.

Ryanair’s number-one international service this season is Dublin – London Stansted.  It is 12th, down from second in W19.  It is followed by Dublin – Gatwick (13th, down from first). 

Only two others make the top-20 international list: Lisbon – Stansted (19th) and Paris Beauvais – Porto (20th).

easyJet has also changed.  While its top winter route, Geneva – London Gatwick, remains in pole position YOY, Catania – Milan Malpensa is now second, up from 14th.

With increasing restrictions across Italy, it is unclear for how long the country will remain the ‘golden goose’ of Europe, which could be highly problematic.

Top-10 routes for Ryanair: winter 2020 versus 2019

Ryanair’s top-10 routes: winter 2020 Ryanair’s top-10 routes: winter 2019
Routing Seats (two ways) Routing Seats (two ways)
Catania – Rome Fiumicino 265,734 Dublin – London Gatwick 407,106
Catania – Milan Malpensa 230,958 Dublin – London Stansted 397,845
Catania – Bologna 199,584 Birmingham – Dublin 308,448
Milan Malpensa – Palermo 190,890 Dublin – Manchester 303,156
Palermo – Rome Fiumicino 173,502 Barcelona – London Stansted 257,418
Milan Bergamo – Catania 148,176 London Stansted – Rome Ciampino 254,772
Milan Bergamo – Palermo 148,176 Milan Bergamo – London Stansted 234,549
Bari – Milan Bergamo 140,238 London Stansted – Madrid 227,178
Brindisi – Milan Bergamo 139,860 Palermo – Rome Fiumicino 220,374
Catania – Venice 132,678 Amsterdam – Dublin 215,460
This winter, Ryanair’s top-10 routes have 1,273,104 seats, down by 54% versus winter 2019. Data are based only on Ryanair’s AOC only. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Ryanair’s domestic Italy seats this winter increase 140% in a week

Ryanair has five million seats within Italy this winter, based on the latest filing, across 83 routes.

This is up by more than 140% over the week-before submission, clearly demonstrating the importance of Italy and the competitive response to Wizz Air’s development.

Catania’s winter seats, for example, have increased by 113% week-on-week, up by over 596,000, one of the largest absolute increases.

Ryanair has 11 domestic routes from Catania this winter.  Milan Malpensa, Bologna, Milan Bergamo, and Venice follow Fiumicino in rounding out the top-five.  With a twice-weekly service, Perugia is least-served.

The two ULCCs compete directly on four routes from the Sicily airport: Fiumicino, Malpensa, Bologna, and Venice.    Ryanair will also compete head-to-head with Volotea to Bari, Turin, and Venice, and with easyJet to Malpensa and Venice.

Across all carriers, Catania – Venice winter seats have increased from 116,000 to 253,718 in just one week. 

On 1 February 2021, for example, there will be six departures across four airlines.  Both the number of airlines and departures doubled versus the same week this year.

Ryanair has new top route this winter – Catania to Rome Fiumicino

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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    Having recently flown through CTA, it was incredible to see the airport looking like pre-COVID times, with the vast majority of passengers flying domestically. Will be interesting to watch as Wizz try to encroach onto firm FR territory.

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