Melbourne, Florida – EIGHT transatlantic routes, but still no New York

Melbourne, Florida – EIGHT transatlantic routes, but still no New York (2)

American began Philadelphia to Orlando Melbourne in 2019, one of just three domestic routes from the Florida airport.

Orlando Melbourne is to welcome eight transatlantic routes to the UK from March 2022. 

While this has already been revealed, what wasn’t known were the start dates or frequencies.  Manchester, for example, is to have up to five weekly services.

TUI UK is moving from Orlando Sanford, at which it had 188,400 seats in 2019, OAG data indicates.  Its Sanford capacity in 2019 rose by just 32,200 seats over 2010, a CAGR of 2%. 

Melbourne expects 156,000 TUI passengers in 2022, with 30,000 – or 19% – for cruise reasons.

Aside from inevitable significant financial incentives, TUI is reputedly moving to Melbourne to be closer to Port Canaveral, from which its cruise passengers will travel.  It is half as far as from Sanford.

Conversely, of course, Melbourne is much farther to Universal Studios and Disney World, reaffirming the importance of incentives.

Routing: Melbourne to… Start date Weekly frequencies
Birmingham 5 April 2022 Up to 3
Bristol 4 May 2022 2
Doncaster Sheffield 4 May 2022 1
Edinburgh 13 July 2022 1
Glasgow 12 July 2022 1
London Gatwick 28 March 2022 2
Manchester 3 April 2022 Up to 5
Newcastle 6 May 2022 Up to 2
Source: TUI’s booking engine. Subject to change. Note: only limited bookings are available at present.

Melbourne – to have a larger international network than domestic

Perhaps uniquely for a US airport, Melbourne will have a larger international network in 2022 than domestic.  Unless, of course, Breeze or another operator meaningfully expands there in the meantime.

Read more: Fort Lauderdale’s 39 unserved routes <1,500mi with 925,000 passengers.

Melbourne’s last international services ended in April 2019. In the past decade, its international network has comprised: 

  • Elite Airways to Bimini (April 2017 to January 2019)
  • Porter Airlines from Toronto City (December 2015 to April 2019)
  • Ottawa with Porter (December 2017 to April 2019)
  • Porter from Windsor (December 2017 to April 2019)

This current year, Melbourne has just three domestic routes: Delta to Atlanta and American to both Charlotte and Philadelphia.

Next week, Atlanta has 45 weekly departures: 25 to Atlanta, 19 to Charlotte, and one Philadelphia one.  This is down by just five YOY, OAG shows.

Melbourne lost both Washington National with American and Portland (ME) with Elite Airways in 2019, typically served twice-weekly and once-weekly respectively.

These cuts – including the above international – are responsible for Melbourne’s 2% decline in seats last year.

This all raises the question: where could be served?

Melbourne, Florida – EIGHT transatlantic routes, but still no New York

Melbourne’s end of international services and routes to Washington National and  Portland (ME) were responsible for its 2019 seat drop, its largest since 2010. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Washington top unserved city; 34,000 if Baltimore’s included

Around 83% of Melbourne’s domestic traffic last year was indirect, clearly showing how underserved the airport is by non-stops.

Melbourne had 15 city markets within a 1,500-mile radius with at least 5,000 passengers.  This is similar to what many brand-new Ryanair and Wizz Air markets in Europe have before strong demand stimulation.

As Washington is now unserved, this city had almost 23,000 total point-to-point passengers last year.  And with minimal non-stop traffic, it still had almost 20,000 indirect passengers.

With strong demand stimulation, several markets, especially in the north or northeast, could potentially support two or possibly three weekly services on a seasonal basis.

Melbourne, Florida – EIGHT transatlantic routes, but still no New York

As Washington is no longer served, its full traffic (non-stop and indirect) of nearly 23,000 is included here. Adding Baltimore’s almost 10,000 makes Washington-area a good-sized unserved market even before stimulation for seasonal service.


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