RDC launches LOOP data distribution platform to improve airline billing accuracy

RDC launches LOOP data distribution platform to improve airline billing accuracy

anna.aero and RDC regularly partner to deliver data-driven insights.  RDC is a technology-driven company that has a unique range of products and services for the air transport industry based around its core technology and proprietary datasets.

We chat with RDC’s CEO, Peter Hind, to discover more about its latest product, LOOP.  This data distribution platform complements RDC’s existing product suite and future iterations of this service are planned to leverage the power of RDC’s Airport Charges platform.

Why did RDC develop the LOOP data distribution platform?

Peter Hind: “We always keep an eye out for problems that frustrate our customers, looking to feed ideas into our development pipeline. LOOP answered something that was an issue for operators and airports: timely exchange of financially critical data. The more we looked at it, the more we saw an opportunity to build a genuinely different product.”

How will LOOP help its users?

Hind: “LOOP will simplify the process of operators providing data to airports, while enabling airports to access a single-source-of-truth for billing data. Both parties spend too much time responding to requests for data then collating and formatting it for use in their internal systems.

RDC launches LOOP data distribution platform to improve airline billing accuracy

“LOOP drastically reduces the time taken to pull this information together by providing a single point of contact for airlines or operators to manage their data. The permission-led architecture allows data owners to authorise partners and service providers to access their data through LOOP.

“Airports, ANSPs, and other partners are able to select, re-order, and rename fields within LOOP before viewing or downloading the data in a machine-ready format, saving time and increasing accuracy.

How do I find out more about LOOP?

Hind: “LOOP Billing Data is the first service to be built on the LOOP data distribution platform. Development has been heavily influenced by our beta partners, to whom we are hugely grateful. We are now in a pre-launch phase, working with a wider number of users whose feedback is vital in shaping further developments. Our airline and airport users have identified a range of other uses for a technology and permission-led distribution platform, both within and between businesses.

“We are excited about LOOP and the potential application of the technology across the air transport industry. Drop us an email to find out more or share your thoughts, or drop in online: if you’re an operator (https://loopdata.app/operators.html) looking to future-proof your fleet distribution or an airport (https://loopdata.app/airports.html) looking to for a better way to access fleet data.”

How many products does RDC now have? How many clients do you now have?

Hind: “The distinction between products and services is blurring. Our Q platform is a set of connected API services that can power our own applications or feed data to third-party systems. LOOP is our third application, alongside Apex, an air transport market intelligence tool, and AirportCharges, the world’s leading resource for airport user charges, en-route navigation, and government taxes data.”

“We have in excess of 250 subscribers and 1,000 users of our products and we are proud to work with many of the world’s leading airports, airlines, investors, and system providers.”


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