Routes Reconnected: Nuremberg’s VFR dream as airport charges drop

Nuremberg’s VFR dream as airport charges drop

When will London, Athens, Moscow, and Naples, all “no brainers”, be served?

“VFR demand to Nuremberg is significant,” said Christian Kaeser, the airport’s Head of Aviation Marketing and Business Development.  This is reflected in destinations that have relaunched since Germany’s lockdown ended.

“Typical VFR destinations, such as the ones from Wizz Air to Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest, or Ryanair and Aegean to Thessaloniki, among others, were among the first to be reactivated.”

Nuremberg’s charges structure will assist airlines in relaunching routes from S21 onwards. “Charges are now consumer-orientated and consumption-based,” Kaeser said.  “The idea is to have an airline pay for what is actually used, with an A320neo, for example, now having 30% lower charges.”

Asked where’s key for future route development, Kaeser didn’t hesitate: “unserved routes with significant VFR demand, like Athens, Moscow, and Naples.  They’re no brainers”.

London is also a no brainer, Kaeser added. 

The market is now unserved, but it has a total point-to-point opportunity of up to 400,000.  This is based on 193,000 travelling with Ryanair to Stansted, 173,000 leaked passengers to Heathrow, and over 30,000 travelling indirectly to the UK capital.


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