Routes Reconnected: “Now we have the right airport,” said easyJet about Brandenburg

Now we have the right airport, said easyJet about Brandenburg

Stephan Erler, easyJet’s Country Manager for Germany, left, chats with Patrick Muller, the COO of Brandenburg.

Stephan Erler, easyJet’s Country Manager for Germany, said: “Berlin and Germany’s capital area is of the utmost importance [to us].  We have decided to base a lot of aircraft here in Berlin for the simple reason that the region is growing in population and wealth.”

Outbound and inbound traffic is both very strong, Erler said.  “We believe we can cater properly to both business and leisure passengers here.”

“Brandenburg is so far is up to our expectations of our customers and our own crews.”  In a passenger sense, this is because of both the retail offer and design, together with ground access.

“We have operated out of Berlin for over 16 years now,” Erler said.  “Now we have the right airport for the future.”

easyJet was Brandenburg’s first scheduled departure back on 1 November, with the carrier to be the airport’s top airline by seats in 2021.

Now we have the right airport, said easyJet about Brandenburg (3)

Brandenburg’s first scheduled departure was easyJet to Gatwick on 1 November. The carrier, which will be the airport’s top in 2021, had almost 14.2 million seats at Tegel and Schönefeld in 2019, OAG data indicates.

Berlin had 36 million passengers in 2019

Brandenburg’s Terminal 1 is the core of the airport; it opened on 31 October, joining Terminal 5.  Terminal 2 due to open in March.  Tegel’s last flight departed on 8 November.

In 2019, Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld together handled about 36 million passengers across 95 airlines and 195 destinations.

Because of coronavirus, only 10 million passengers are expected to/from Berlin this year, perhaps a blessing – in a volume sense – for a brand-new airport.

Brandenburg’s operating hours are 0530 to 2330 daily.  Terminal 1 is in-between the airport’s two runways (11,811ft and 13,123 feet), with both runways operating independently of each other.

25% of business traffic flying into Germany went to Berlin last year

“Berlin has more hotel rooms than Manhattan,” said Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin.  “Berlin was #3 in Europe for tourism last year with 34 million overnight stays.”

Although Berlin is a tourism powerhouse, that’s far from its only role.  “25% of all business traffic flying into Germany wanted to go to Berlin,” Kieker said.  Naturally, many had to connect en route, with Kieker – and the airport and the city – hoping that this will change will the opening of Brandenburg.

Now we have the right airport, said easyJet about Brandenburg (2)

Berlin was Europe’s third most popular tourist location with more hotels than Manhattan.


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