Routes Reconnected: Bogota is the gateway to South America; what core unserved routes?

Bogota is the gateway to South America; what core unserved routes

We chat with Stephane Marcoux, Bogota’s Director of Aviation Marketing, second-left, about opportunities at Bogota.

Why should an airline fly to Bogota? 

Stephane Marcoux: Bogota, with nearly 10 million inhabitants, and 2,600 metres closer to the stars, is an amazing city where there is always something interesting to do, like walking through its colonial streets built in 1538, or going for a ride in the longest bicycle road network of Latin America.

Festivals, shows, and concerts are scheduled daily for those who love art and culture.

Bogota has become a touristic place that attracts millions of national and international travellers who see this capital as a destination for tourism, business, culture, history, religion, and gastronomy.

Bogota is also an economic driver that contributes almost a third of Colombia’s GDP surpassing at least ten of the most important countries in Latin America.

Colombia’s amazing capital was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top-10 places that should be on the globetrotters’ list, next to destinations such as the Azores in Portugal, Los Cabos in Mexico, Ethiopia in Africa, and more.

In 2019, El Dorado, “The Gateway to South America”, was the third-largest airport in terms of passengers with 35 million.  It was also the first for cargo, with more than 735,000 tonnes; since the pandemic, it has become a key player for the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the past twelve years, this airport transformed its infrastructure, modified its operation, embraced next-generation technologies, and consolidated itself as a sustainable airport with a 24/7 operation.  It has the capacity of 40 million passengers.

We have worked tirelessly with our airline partners to restructure our network, to update data and market trends to reconnect El Dorado with its 2019 network and passenger traffic levels.

Today, we have reconnected with 41 domestic and 45 international destinations at an 85% pre-pandemic level.  By the end of 2020, we expect it to be over 90%.

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Montreal was Bogota’s third-largest unserved market in 2019, but will be coming in January 2021 after being postponed from this year. Earlier this week, Avianca said that it was considering another one or two destinations in Europe, although they’re now on hold.  Could Rome be one?

Chicago looks good with the highest non-stimulated PDEW

Marcoux: At an airport level, El Dorado’s top unserved point-to-point markets, based on 2019 data and point-to-point, are as follows. Chicago O’Hare is top with 59 PDEW.

Seven of our top unserved markets are in North America, which is our biggest market. The traffic mix is composed mostly of VFR (Colombian diaspora), leisure, students, and business travel.

Montreal was Bogota’s third-largest unserved route, but Air Canada announced it in March 2020 to begin in June.  But because of coronavirus, it has been pushed back to January. By April it’ll be three-weekly by B787s.

At a country level, six of our top-10 unserved countries are in Europe, with Italy by far the most demanded at 104 PDEW. Most traffic is VFR/leisure, education, and business travel.

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Source: Bogota Airport.


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