Hawaiian Airlines reveals Austin, Ontario, and Orlando – we look at demand

Hawaiian Airlines reveals Austin, Ontario, & Orlando – we look at demand

Hawaiian Airlines is to begin four routes to the lower 48: three from Honolulu and one from Kahului. Boston, added in 2019, was the carrier’s most recent mainland launch.

Hawaiian Airlines is to begin four new routes, none with direct competition:

  • Honolulu – Austin: 2x weekly from 21 April
  • Honolulu – Ontario: five-weekly from 16 March
  • Honolulu – Orlando: twice-weekly from 11 March
  • Kahului – Long Beach: daily from 9 March

Booking data obtained via OAG Traffic Analyser shows that Honolulu – Orlando had 66,000 round-trip point-to-point passengers in 2019, while Austin had 39,000 and Ontario 15,000. Crucially, the latter excludes demand leaked from its core catchment to Los Angeles.

Orlando was Honolulu’s second-largest unserved market to the US mainland after Baltimore.  Austin, meanwhile, was seventh, behind St Louis (third), San Antonio (fourth), Kansas City (fifth), and Philadelphia (sixth). 

To all of Hawaii, Orlando had 101,000 passengers, Austin 83,000, and Ontario 32,000 (again excluding leakage).

Hawaiian Airlines reveals Austin, Ontario, & Orlando – we look at demand

Hawaiian Airlines is used to long sectors, which is just as well: Honolulu to Orlando is 7,655 kilometres, Austin 6,057, and Ontario 4,189. Source: OAG Mapper.

How do fares compare from Honolulu?

Hawaiian Airlines’ new routes from Honolulu perform reasonably in absolute terms.  Orlando, for example, achieved $394 one-way last year, excluding a 20-30% fuel surcharge each way and government taxes.

That said, West Coast destinations necessarily performed far better on a yield basis because of much shorter distances.  For example, Orlando had a 23% higher fare than Sacramento but was 93% longer, greatly pushing down its fare-per-kilometre.

Hawaiian Airlines began Honolulu – Boston in 2019, with its P2P demand totalling 64,000 in 2018. While Boston generated a higher average fare than Orlando, it is 8% farther.  As such, the pair achieved almost the same unit fare.

Hawaiian Airlines reveals Austin, Ontario, & Orlando – we look at demand

Source: booking data obtained via OAG Traffic Analyser.

Hawaiian Airlines will have 28 mainland US routes in 2021

Orlando will be Hawaiian Airlines’ third destination in the Eastern US after New York JFK (started in 2012) and Boston.

Hardly surprisingly, 93% of the carrier’s mainland capacity was to/from the West Coast – or, more accurately, the Western US – last year. 

Oakland and San Francisco had almost precisely the same volume, with just 1,566 seats separating them (Oakland had more).

While most of Hawaiian Airlines’ mainland network has grown shallowly – Phoenix added just 18,000 seats between 2010 and 2019 – some have not. 

Los Angeles LAX added over 700,000 seats in this period (CAGR: 10.6%), while Long Beach became the airline’s second LA Basin airport in 2018.  Ontario will be its third.

The addition of Austin, Ontario, and Orlando means that Hawaiian Airlines’ lower 48 network in 2021 will comprise 16 destinations and 28 routes from four Hawaii airports.  

Hawaiian Airlines reveals Austin, Ontario, & Orlando – we look at demand

In pre-coronavirus 2019, Hawaiian Airlines had 24 routes from four Hawaii airports to 13 lower 48 destinations. In 2021, that’ll increase to 28 routes and 16 destinations. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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