Eastern Airlines takes off from Miami to Asunción, Paraguay

Eastern Airlines takes off from Miami to Asunción

Eastern Airlines’ latest route from Miami, to Asunción, took off on 3 January.

Eastern Airlines launched Miami to Asunción on 3 January.  The twice-weekly route covers 6,155 kilometres and uses B767-300ERs.

Flight 162 took off from Miami at 0059, one minute ahead of schedule, and landed in the Paraguayan capital at 1105 after eight hours and six minutes.  

The return flight departed at 2345 and touched back in Miami at 0551 on 4 January.

The route’s schedule differs depending on the day.  The same aircraft that flew the inaugural flight took off back to Paraguay at 1000 on 4 January, and departed to Florida at 0900 the following day.

American Airlines was the last carrier to operate Miami to Asunción.  It served it between 2012 and 2015, OAG data shows.

Miami to Asunción was Miami’s top unserved route to South America in 2019

Eastern Airlines takes off from Miami to Asunción

The carrier is operating twice-weekly to Asunción.



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