Jackson, Wyoming, network up 15% with busiest winter yet

Jackson, Wyoming, network up 15% with busiest winter yet

Jackson, Wyoming, added three routes in winter 2020. With JFK’s end, its network was up 15% YOY.

Jackson, Wyoming, has introduced three new routes this winter: Charlotte; San Diego; and San Jose. 

New York JFK was cut, so this winter it has 15 routes, up 15% year-on-year.  15 routes is its highest to date. 

Charlotte, San Diego, and San Jose were all introduced in December 2020:

  • Charlotte is served once-weekly by American using A319s
  • San Diego is currently four-weekly with Alaska Airlines but rises to five-weekly from March
  • San Jose, also with Alaska Airlines, is twice-weekly

Alaska is a new airline at Jackson this winter. Along with its two new routes, both previously unserved, it also launched Seattle.  This is currently four-weekly and increases by one come February.

The carrier’s service to Seattle follows Delta ending it; it operated it from 2013 to 2020.  It was served once-weekly using Embraer 175s; Alaska’s frequency increase is therefore notable.

These new routes – and crucially multiple capacity increases on existing routes – pushed Jackson’s seats up by 27% YOY to 562,000. 

It shows the importance, even during coronavirus, of leisure destinations.

Jackson, Wyoming, network up 15% with busiest winter yet

Jackson added three routes and a new airline in winter 2020. This, and capacity growth on existing routes, explains its big increase in capacity in winter 2020. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Over half of Jackson’s existing routes up 20%+ YOY

Salt Lake City, by far Jackson’s top route, cemented its lead over Denver.  The pair have fought it out over the years; some winters Denver had the top spot, others not. 

Salt Lake City, 329 kilometres away, now has one-quarter of Jackson’s seats – but that, like Denver’s, is also down YOY.  

The reason is almost across-the-board capacity growth.

Seven of Jackson’s existing routes grew by more than 20% or more YOY: Minneapolis (+460%); Seattle (+183%); Dallas Fort Worth (+100%); Atlanta (+53%); Chicago O’Hare (+29%); Los Angeles (+23%); and Salt Lake City (+20%).

In absolute terms, American’s Dallas service added 40,000 seats, pushing this route to Jackson’s third-largest.  It almost doubled the frequency, and is now twice-daily, all by A319s.

Jackson, Wyoming, network up 15% with busiest winter yet (2)

Eight of Jackson’s existing routes grew YOY, while seven recorded growth of 20%+. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


  1. Roy says:

    I am surprised that with all this growth into Jackson Hole, Southwest who had service into Jackson decades ago has not returned, at least seasonally. If Frontier and now Allegiant can do it, Soutwest can.

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