Allegiant adds Key West, Jackson Hole, and Portland – and 13 routes

Allegiant adds Key West, Jackson Hole, and Portland – and 13 routes

This summer, Allegiant is to start 13 new routes and it’ll begin serving Key West, Jackson Hole, and Portland, Oregon.

Allegiant is to add three new airports to its network this summer: Key West; Jackson Hole; and Portland, Oregon. 

It’ll also launch 13 new routes, including nine from these new airports, with a total of 26 weekly flights each way.

All but one of these 13 routes will have no direct competition.

Only Jackson Hole to Los Angeles will have direct competition.  A third operator – Delta – ends the route in March.  Unlike in previous years, Delta won’t operate it summer-seasonally this year, so the gap that Allegiant sees.

With these 13 routes added, Allegiant is expected to operate 508 routes this summer.  A number of routes sneak into the summer season, typically from Florida, but finish in early April.

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Allegiant’s new route summary

Routing Start date Weekly frequency Direct competition (WF): in week Allegiant starts Indirect competition (WF): in week Allegiant starts
Baltimore – Punta Gorda 27 May 2 None Southwest: Baltimore – Ft Myers (41); American: National – Ft Myers (7); JetBlue: National – Ft Myers (7); United: Dulles – Ft Myers (14)
Charleston – Belleville 28 May 2 None Southwest: St Louis (1)
Jackson Hole – Las Vegas 4 June 2 None None
Jackson Hole – Los Angeles 2 June 2 American (6); United (6) None
Jackson Hole – Phoenix Mesa 2 June 2 None American: Phoenix (6; daily from the following week)
Jackson Hole – Reno 4 June 2 None None
Key West – Nashville 2 June 2 None None
Key West – Orlando Sanford 4 June 2 None Silver Airways: Orlando (10)
Peoria – Denver 28 May 2 None United: Moline (13); Frontier: Bloomington (2)
Peoria – Sarasota 27 May 2 None Allegiant: Punta Gorda (3); Allegiant: Tampa St Pete (3)
Portland (OR) – Idaho Falls 28 May 2 None None
Portland (OR) – Monterey 28 May 2 None Alaska: San Jose (35); Southwest: San Jose (26)
Portland (OR) – Santa Maria 15 Apr 2 None Alaska: San Luis Obispo (7)
Source: airline websites and OAG Schedules Analyser.

Key West becomes ninth Florida airport for Allegiant

Key West will be Allegiant’s ninth airport in Florida, joining Destin, Fort Lauderdale, JacksonvilleOrlando Sanford, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Tampa St Pete, and West Palm Beach.

We previously showed that Nashville was Key West’s seventh-largest unserved market, with pre-stimulated demand of 10,900.  It is also Key West’s second-shortest key unserved market; obviously helpful given its very short runway and Allegiant’s narrowbody operation.

Elsewhere, Allegiant’s new Charleston – Belleville stands out.  

Charleston – St Louis had P2P round-trip demand of almost 40,000 in pre-coronavirus 2019, booking data shows, with over 33,000 travelling indirectly from Southwest’s very low frequency.  Belleville is 26 miles to downtown St Louis on the other side of the city to Lambert.

Allegiant adds Key West, Jackson Hole, and Portland – and 13 routes

Jackson Hole to Las Vegas had unstimulated round-trip demand of 7,800 and Reno of 3,000; Portland – Monterey 4,000 and Idaho Falls 7,900; and Peoria – Denver 9,900. Source: OAG Mapper.


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