Silver Airways adds three more routes and new South Carolina airport

Silver Airways adds three more routes and new South Carolina airport

Silver Airways’ coming service to Greenville Spartanburg will add to new Charleston and Columbia.

Florida’s Silver Airways has announced another three new routes: Greenville Spartanburg to Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa.

All three are obvious opportunities based on demand, geographic closeness, and the carrier’s recent growth into two other South Carolina airports: Charleston and Columbia.

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In the past decade, Greenville – Orlando has been served by Allegiant (until 2011; before returning fully to Sanford); Southwest (until 2013), and Frontier (2018-2020). 

In 2019, Orlando International had over 48,000 point-to-point passengers, of which nearly seven in ten flew indirectly because of Frontier’s typically twice-weekly offering. 

The market grew by around 60% over 2017, when it was unserved.  Silver Airways’ twice-weekly service will effectively aim for what Frontier had.

Tampa, meanwhile, was served by Frontier on a very limited basis in 2018 and 2019.  This market had over 35,000 passengers in 2019, with three-quarters flying indirectly. 

Silver will have a block of two hours and 15 minutes on the 768-kilometre sector to Tampa.

Unlike the other two routes, Jacksonville – roughly a six-hour drive away – hasn’t been served this decade.  It had P2P demand of over 15,000 before stimulation

Routing: Greenville to… Start date Weekly frequency: in week it begins Direct competition: in week Silver begins Indirect competition: in week Silver begins
Jacksonville 19 March 2 None None
Orlando 18 March 2 None Allegiant: Orlando Sanford (2)
Tampa 21 March 2 None Allegiant: Tampa St Pete (2)
Source: airline websites.

Silver Airways: where next?

Looking at similar distances to Silver’s recent routes, other opportunities from Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Pensacola – and currently unserved Fort Myers and West Palm Beach – may include the following.

Note: all demand figures are before stimulation.

Orlando and Tampa to Wilmington, NC, next, perhaps? 

Or perhaps adding to its existing Charleston network, encompassing Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa, with Fort Myers, Pensacola, and West Palm Beach?

  • Fort Myers – Charleston: 724 kilometres, 16,000 passengers 
  • Fort Myers – Savannah: 622 kilometres, 11,500
  • Jacksonville – Birmingham: 587 kilometres, 27,000
  • Jacksonville – Huntsville: 663 kilometres, 10,000
  • Jacksonville – Pensacola: 528 kilometres, 12,000
  • Orlando – Augusta: 551 kilometres, 12,000
  • Orlando – Savannah: 410 kilometres, 12,000
  • Orlando – Wilmington: 724 kilometres, 19,000
  • Pensacola – Charleston: 729 kilometres, 12,000
  • Pensacola – West Palm Beach: 811 kilometres, 14,000
  • Tampa – Augusta: 601 kilometres, 11,500
  • Tampa – Fayetteville: 852 kilometres, 15,000
  • Tampa – Huntsville: 842 kilometres, 16,000
  • Tampa – Myrtle Beach: 720 kilometres, 14,000
  • Tampa – Savannah: 478 kilometres, 17,000
  • Tampa – Wilmington: 826 kilometres, 17,000
  • West Palm Beach – Charleston: 689 kilometres, 17,000
  • West Palm Beach – Savannah: 613 kilometres, 11,000


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