Coronavirus: flights down by 49,000 each day – domestic lowest since July

Coronavirus: flights down by 49,000 each day – domestic lowest since July

Domestic flights in China now account for one-quarter of all domestic service worldwide, OAG shows.  They’re up by nearly 2% versus the same week in 2020, aided by being affected by coronavirus so early and recovering since.  However, they have been declining in recent weeks, and not from a post-Christmas climbdown.

There are just over 363,000 scheduled flights globally this week, down by almost half (49%) over the same week last year.

Actual flights will, of course, be lower still.

Recent outbreaks of coronavirus, more border closures and quarantines, and the mutating virus have not helped. Likewise gatherings for Christmas and more stringent measures as a result of that.

Domestic flights are down by over one-third (36%), while – as you would expect – it’s all about international flights, which are down by three-quarters (76%). 

In absolute terms, domestic flights globally have reduced by 174,000, and they’re now lower in volume than at any point since early July. 

North America is the worst-hit in, with more than 76,000 fewer flights this week, while Europe has seen nearly six in ten cut.

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International flights, meanwhile, have 168,000 fewer flights YOY. China’s international operation is still nearly wiped out, down as it is by 95%, while Europe has lost eight in ten such services.

In all, there are now more than 49,000 fewer flights globally each day.

Significantly, there has been very little progress in restoring capacity since last summer.  The rollout of vaccinations against coronavirus will help, although the differing speeds with which people receive it – and the need for an all-clear before travelling – will be problematic. Unfortunately capacity will remain under last summer for many weeks to come.

Coronavirus flights down by 49,000 each day – domestic lowest since July

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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