Copa world’s top long-haul narrowbody operator

Copa world’s top long-haul narrowbody operator

Copa has twice as many long-haul seats this year as second-placed United.

Copa is the world’s leading long-haul narrowbody operator this year. 

It has over two million such seats for a 28% share of the 7.1 million expected globally.  However, the year is far from finalised, and worldwide long-haul seats by single-aisle aircraft are down by 53% YOY.

148 airports are expected to see long-haul narrowbody service across 67 countries.  The USA leads with 3.5 in ten seats, followed by Panama, Brazil, Turkey, and Chile. 

B737s, of all models, have 60% of long-haul narrowbody capacity, predictably led by -800s with over 35% of the total.  This is overwhelmingly from Copa.

Read more: Panama’s Hub of the Americas.

B737-900s, meanwhile, have more than a million, primarily from Turkish Airlines and its expansive Africa network. It serves 25 African cities over 4,500 kilometres; Mogadishu, 4,655 kilometres away, has the most seats.

B757s remain key, with more capacity than the A320 family combined, especially from United, Icelandair, and Delta.

Copa world’s top long-haul narrowbody operator

Colombia’s Avianca stands out. It has only three routes that qualify – Bogota to Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires – but more seats this year than pre-coronavirus.  It has right-sized by adding more narrowbody capacity, with Rio and Buenos Aires previously mainly by widebodies.  Source of data in figure: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Latin America top region for long-haul narrowbodies; Copa has 15 routes

Latin America is by far the top region for long-haul narrowbodies, with over 2.8 million seats.  It has over three times as much supply as widebody-focused Asia-Pacific.

There are 145 scheduled long-haul narrowbody routes this year, with Latin America featuring seven times in the top-10.  This is the same as pre-coronavirus, although there’s some mix-up market-wise. 

Panama City to Sao Paulo, some 5,076 kilometres apart, is top; it’ll be up to 39-weekly later this year.  It is one of Copa’s 15 long-haul routes.

Anchorage to Chicago has entered the top-10; it’ll have a 21-weekly offering with Alaska (14) and United (seven) this summer.

Elsewhere, Moscow Domodedovo to Chita – a 4,744-kilometre domestic route – and Denpasar to Sydney have both exited the top-10.  Expect Denpasar to reappear when Australia’s borders open properly.

Copa world’s top long-haul narrowbody operator

Kuala Lumpur to Sharjah was 11th this year, with Air Arabia offering a seven-weekly A321neo service from mid-May.  It will be the carrier’s only long-haul narrowbody route. Source of data in figure: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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