Łódź’s top-25 unserved markets have leakage of 677,000

Łódź’s top-25 unserved markets have leakage of 677,000

SkyUp will begin Kyiv and Lviv to Łódź, with both routes previously in the airport’s top-25 most-leaked list.

Łódź Airport Central Poland has revealed to us that its top-25 unserved markets – at airport-level – have leaked demand of 677,000.

This is based on its 72-kilometre catchment – half the distance to Warsaw – and it uses ASM’s new Catchment Analyser product. 

Despite Ryanair serving Stansted with up to four-weekly services this year, Luton is by far Łódź’s top leaked market.  Over 66,000 left its catchment to travel to Warsaw to fly Wizz Air to Luton.

Wizz Air served Luton from Łódź until 2013.  In 2012, its peak year, over 43,000 flew it, UK CAA data shows.  While the ULCC now serves 10 Polish airports, Łódź isn’t one of them.

When Heathrow is included, London leakage amounts to 92,000, followed by 54,000 for Oslo, 44,000 for Amsterdam/Eindhoven, and 41,000 for Rome.

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Two coming routes with SkyUp – Kyiv Boryspil and Lviv – were previously in Łódź’s top-25 most-leaked list.  Kyiv, at city-level, had over 48,000, while it was 19,000 for Lviv. 

Boryspil starts on 30 March and will be four-weekly this summer, while Lviv begins on 30 April and will be twice-weekly.  Lviv has a block time of one hour – yet it is seven hours overland.

This year, Warsaw’s two airports will have six routes to Kyiv and Lviv across four carriers. 

Łódź’s top-25 unserved markets have leakage of 677,000

Prior to being announced, Boryspil was Łódź’s seventh-largest leaked market, Lviv was 23rd, and Kyiv Zhuliany 25th. Source: Łódź Airport Central Poland.

Łódź seeks more service

Multiple routes have been served before, illustrating demand and potential.  Aside from Luton, these are:

  • Amsterdam with Adria until 2017; up to six-weekly
  • Bergamo: Ryanair until 2013; twice-weekly
  • CDG: Adria until 2017; three-weekly
  • Dortmund: Wizz Air until 2013; twice-weekly
  • Edinburgh: Ryanair until 2013; twice-weekly
  • Edinburgh (after Ryanair ended): CSA until 2016; twice-weekly
  • Luton: Wizz Air until 2013; just once-weekly
  • Prague: CSA until 2016; twice-weekly
  • Skavsta: Wizz Air, until 2011; twice-weekly
  • Tel Aviv: Sun d’Or until 2011; once-weekly

Edinburgh is one of four UK airports in Łódź’s top-leaked list.  Ryanair carried nearly 30,000 on it in 2012, with a SLF of 91%.


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