Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

Despite almost all of Edelweiss’ routes being holiday-orientated, it has VFR markets too. These include Pristina – its top route this summer – along with Skopje and Tirana.

Edelweiss has nearly 2.3 million seats scheduled for this summer, its highest to date and up by nearly 6% over S19.

This is based on 72 routes – all bookable – an increase from 68 over pre-coronavirus S19. Figari starts on 29 March.

Another route – Newquay – is filed in OAG but not yet bookable, so it hasn’t been counted.  It is scheduled to operate once-weekly for 11 weeks between July and September.

Edelweiss’ network is solely from Zurich, at which it has a 10% share of seats this summer, up from 9% in S19.

Widebodies – A330-300s and A340-300s – play an important role in Edelweiss’ network, with an almost one-quarter share of capacity this summer.  Montego Bay, its next long-haul destination, begins on 29 March.

Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

The leisure operator is, of course, enormously about the summer.  Since 2011, this season has had an average of 133% more capacity than winter, although S18 versus W18 was just 97%. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.

Pristina leads routes, but Spain top country

Of its 32 served countries, Spain and Greece are naturally by far the most significant, with 17% and 16% of seats respectively. 

Its network to Spain comprises 11 routes, led by some margin by Palma, its second-thickest route.  Greece also has 11, with Heraklion, its fourth-largest route overall, top.

Bulgaria, meanwhile, is Edelweiss’ least-served country, with just a once-weekly operation to Varna lasting for eight weeks in July and August. Next is Norway, with Tromso served once-weekly for nine peak-season weeks.

Edelweiss’ widebody network comprises 19 destinations, or just over one-quarter of its total.  Punta Cana is top; it’ll have three-weekly non-stop services, of which one will continue to Montego Bay.

Seven of its widebody destinations are in North America, which – in order of capacity – are Las Vegas, Vancouver, Tampa, Calgary, Denver, Orlando, and San Diego.  This region has over one-third (33%) of its widebody capacity.

An interesting addition is Muscat.  Edelweiss will serve it once-weekly using A340s from 2 April, doubling from the end of May, and rising to three-weekly from September.

Edelweiss plans record summer with 72 bookable routes from Zurich

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser.


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