Budapest Airport celebrates shape of success at Annual Awards

A round-up of winners – Budapest Airport’s Awards Gala brought together the highly-valued companies which are key to the shaping airport’s success.

Budapest Airport held its Annual Awards Gala on 28 April 2022, recognising the airlines, cargo carriers, retail partners, and other associates who have helped shape its resilience and success throughout the last two years.

Addressing nearly 300 guests attending the evening, in his speech, Chris Dinsdale, CEO Budapest Airport, emphasised that the key to the airport’s success is close, efficient and quality-based cooperation with its partner companies: “Quality and a great passenger experience are essential for us. Our task is not just to get our passengers from the airport entrance to the door of the aircraft in a safe and secure manner, but, importantly, the question is also what their experience has been until they board the aircraft. The travel experience starts long before a passenger arrives at the airport, and all of our partner companies have a great role to play in the experiences, memories and impressions that our passengers have while they are travelling or using our services.”

He added: “The coming years will be all about quality, growth, and capacity, as well as sustainability at the airport. However, this quartet must be in balance with each other to fulfil Budapest Airport’s objectives and vision for the future. Growth and further quality improvements are not possible without capacity development, which in turn must be consistent with our long-term sustainability ambitions.”


2021 Awarded Partner

Retailer of the Year

Magyar Duty-Free Kft. – Heinemann Duty Free shop/SkyCourt

Service Provider of the Year

Universal Medical Solution Kft. – COVID-19 Test Center

GreenAirport Partner of the Year

FCC Hungary Environment and Waste Management

Best Media Partner of the Year

Best Developing Regular Freighter Operator

Qatar Airways Cargo

Best Developing Integrator

DHL Express

Highest Load Factor Airline


Largest Operating Airline


Best Newcomer Airline


Best Marketing Airline

Qatar Airways

Highest Frequency Recovery HUB Airline


Best Airport Service Provider of the Year

Airport Services

Outstanding Front Line Service during COVID

Airport Police Directorate

Most Flexible Facility Management Partner

Airport Facility Management Kft


Chris Dinsdale, CEO Budapest Airport, with’s Ross Falconer at the Awards Gala photo booth.

A word from the winners:

Retailer of the Year – Magyar Duty-Free Kft. – Heinemann Duty Free Shop/SkyCourt. Ildikó Jankovich, Executive Director, Heinemann / Magyar Duty-Free Kft.: “We have continued to evolve and advance at Budapest Airport throughout our flourishing 23-year partnership. Respecting the individual needs of the passenger has never been so paramount since the lifting of travel restrictions and it’s a great pleasure that our adaptability and consideration of the traveller’s requirements has been recognised with this award.”

Best Developing Regular Freighter Operator – Qatar Airways Cargo. Joachim Klecha, Regional Cargo Manager Central & Eastern Europe, Qatar Airways: “Thank you to all at Budapest Airport for not only awarding us this prize, but also for the recognition of our continued development within Hungary. We have been operating cargo flights to Budapest for six years now and we’re extremely proud of our stability and high-quality services. Transporting more than 22,000 tons of cargo – a vast 27% year-on-year growth rate – we have no doubt our partnership with the airport will have a prosperous future for all.”

Highest Load Factor Airline – SunExpress. Marc Fischer, Senior Network Planning Specialist, SunExpress: “It is an honour to have won this award. Our route from Budapest to Antalya has proven successful even through the toughest times. We look forward to building on this success also with our new route to Izmir and strengthening our offer in this market.”

Best Newcomer Airline – flydubai. Martin Niklfeld, Managing Director Blue Sky Travel / Authorized Distributor, flydubai: “As the demand for travel made a resurgence last year, we knew it was the perfect time to start our flights to Budapest and offer our passengers more choice for travel. Our newly launched operations have strengthened links with the UAE and we have no doubt of continued success – hopefully this will be just the first of many awards at Budapest!” 

Highest Frequency Recovery HUB Airline – KLM. Ildikó McPartlin-Kiss, Country Manager, Air France-KLM: “Working closely with the great team at Budapest Airport allowed us to keep the Hungarian capital city connected to the world through our hub, even during the hardest times. This award is testimony to the effort of everyone to ensure our recovery rates were among the fastest and most sustainable.”


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