Saluting the Queen’s immense contribution to aviation – everywhere

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s single and immense contribution to tourism and the aviation industry cannot be accurately measured – but it has clearly been hugely influential, not just in the UK, but from wherever anybody originally stepped onto a plane; whether realm, or republic. Indeed, while is a British publication, the passing of Queen Elizabeth is truly a loss we share with many peoples – besides the United Kingdom, she was head of state of 15 countries ranging from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, through to Belize, Jamaica and Fiji. Furthermore, she was also the leader of the 54 Commonwealth nations comprising over 2 billion – a third of the world’s population. As we remember her today, we should do it just as she would want us to by looking forward to a sustainable future – on every level – and by raising our hearts to say: God Save The King!


  1. David Starkie says:

    A very nice tribute to Her Majesty. Thank you Anna.Aero.

  2. Robert R. "Bud" Ovrom says:

    Nice comment about the Queen!

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