– Airline Network News & Analysis & The Route is Airline Network News & Analysis: a free and open website dedicated to outstanding airline network planning intelligence, produced by a multi-disciplinary team including experienced airline and airport network planners. Besides genuine number-crunching analysis, also prides itself on a sleek news-gathering operation, incorporating the latest in airline network developments. One of the key features of is that it aims to provide information on every single route launch in the world, including photographic evidence to confirm the news.

Launched in July 2007, has consistently refreshed its website with weekly news and analysis. However, it doesn’t just talk about the latest trends, but also gives the outlook of markets, airports and airlines which do not necessarily see that much attention from other aviation publications, with these stories being read by over 60,000 unique monthly readers. Not only this, but also refreshes its content with weekly route updates and airport statistics which can be found in its free to access archive. Along with constantly updating its website, also delivers a free weekly newsletter direct to the inbox of 38,000 subscribers (January 2017).

We talk to the top people –’s editors regularly meet with the top people from airlines and airports around the world including Ryanair, Norwegian, WOW air, Flybe and HK Express.

Recognising marketing successes with weekly awards

We love new route celebrations and make three weekly awards: Route of the Week, Cake of the Week and the Arch of Triumph.

Route of the Week knows that it is a big financial risk to start a new route, particularly in an industry where it is extremely hard to be profitable. As such, prides itself in rewarding those airlines that take the risk in commencing a new service, whether that be a route that is launching in a never before tested market, or a heavily competitive one. We also recognise the airport for its marketing achievements in being able to attract these routes as well. Therefore we give away a weekly award called Route of the Week, recognising the best in tenacity and entrepreneurship.

“Route of the Week” is for the new air service which best demonstrates the greatest tenacity and entrepreneurship. Among the winners of this industry-recognised award are Emirates, JetBlue Airways, LOT Polish Airlines and WestJet, plus airports including Adelaide, Amsterdam, Chicago O’Hare and Dubai.

Cake of the Week
With a new route comings the task of marketing it, all the way from the announcement right up until the launch and beyond. Over the past decade, one thing that has shown to be a great marketing strategy is to have a cake at the launch. They’re had to celebrate birthdays and weddings, so why not a new route? Over the past couple of years, the “Cake of the Week” competition has really taken off (excuse the aviation pun), with airports making sure that their budgets are big enough to create a calorific masterpiece to showcase its latest route development achievements.

“Cake of the Week” – sounds all great fun but we believe route launch parties have a serious side – brave airlines launch new routes, but airport partners must market them! We think there is a direct correlation between the quality of the welcoming cake and the effort an airport puts into a new route promotion and route retention. Just some of the airports to have been awarded the honour include Budapest, Cebu, Cologne Bonn, Nashville, Reno-Tahoe, Sydney and Tampa.

Arch of Triumph
The “Arch of Triumph” – the award to an airport celebrating a new route featuring the best welcoming Fire Truck Water Arch. In one sense it’s another bit of fun, and another chance to underline the marketing efforts made by airports. More significantly it is an opportunity to honour our firefighters for their superb dexterity and skills stemming from thousands of hours of training, and life-long dedication to constant readiness. Among the airports to win this award include Auckland, Birmingham, Denver, Dubai, Paramaribo, Warsaw Chopin and Wellington.

Some of the winners of this award include Auckland, Birmingham, Denver, Dubai, Helsinki, Prague and Warsaw Chopin.

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With its hard-hitting analysis, great visual content, and totally open access, it’s no surprise that by January 2017 has won a readership exceeding 60,000 monthly visitors from the worldwide network planning community.

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Marc Watkins


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Ralph Anker

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  • Edited jetOne 2004-2006.
  • Followed by a return to Cranfield University where he had been a lecturer and researcher for most of the 1990s.
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Paul J. Hogan


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Jon Lassetter

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Keith Bateup

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Vlad Cristescu

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Paulo Natal

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