Airline Analysis

Vietnam Airlines trebles passengers in last decade; currently serves just three European destinations but not London

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisFrom two main bases at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Airlines operates a wide-range of domestic and regional services. But it only serves five long-haul destinations. Which ones? Having ordered both Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s the airline is hedging its bets for the future.

Allegiant Air heads for Hollywood! Blockbuster profits continue as airline grew 30% last year

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisApparently Allegiant Air doesn’t like being written about. Sorry guys, but your network development is much too interesting for us to ignore. We provide a handy file summarising the airline’s 130 routes serving 70 airports this summer including Los Angeles.

Russia’s second biggest international airline, Transaero, grows by 50% in 2008

Article ThumbTransaero’s fleet of over 40 mostly Boeing aircraft include 747s and 777s. These have helped it to rank #2 after Aeroflot among Russian airlines for international traffic. How seasonal is demand for the airline and what are its network priorities for 2009?

airberlin’s ‘virtual’ hub at Nuremberg currently serves 33 destinations

Article Thumbairberlin operates over half of all capacity at Germany’s 10th busiest airport where traffic grew less than 1% in 2008. It serves over 30 destinations but how does the hub work? We look at a day’s operation to see how the airline manages its flights. Which new destinations are coming this summer?

easyJet still #2 in France; Paris network will reach 35 routes this summer

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysiseasyJet has now spent nearly seven years gradually increasing its presence in the French market, especially Paris. How has its network developed, split across both Paris airports? Which routes have been dumped along the way? And which two destinations are served from both airports?

Virgin America adds Boston as 8th destination

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisIn just 18 months Virgin America has grown to a fleet of almost 30 aircraft, but just 10 routes and seven airports. This week Boston became #8 and two more routes were added. Which airline competes with Virgin America on 11 of its 12 routes? On which routes does Virgin America face the least and the most competition?

Albanian LCC Belle Air focuses on Italian routes and link to Pristina

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisFrance may not have any indigenous LCCs but Albania does. Belle Air has been operating since 2006 with a varied fleet and a focus on Italian routes. What is its share of traffic at Tirana airport and which route did it recently start and then quickly drop? Which are its newest routes?

Cathay Pacific sees lucrative Taiwan market under threat; more flights to Paris and Jakarta

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisCathay Pacific’s biggest route is to Taipei but new agreements between China and Taiwan are reducing the need for travel via Hong Kong? Which are the airline’s other key routes and which was its most recent new destination?

Southwest increases number of routes by 6% but reduces flights by 5%; Denver and San Francisco biggest winners

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisEven Southwest has had to reduce capacity this winter. We look at which of its 64 airports have gained and lost flights during the last 12 months. Chicago Midway has seen one in six flights cut but how many destinations?

London Luton is Wizz Air’s busiest airport; 25 new routes already revealed for 2009

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisWizz Air has bases right across Central Europe but its busiest airport is in… the UK! It has added 12 but dropped eight airports in the last year. Which ones? And how big a presence does it have in various new EU member states? Where will it base new aircraft in 2009?

Kenya Airways develops regional network from Nairobi; may see tourism benefit from inauguration of President Obama

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisKenya Airways has a fleet of 24 aircraft including three Embraer E-jets. Where does it fly them and which route has it recently added? How many routes does it serve in Europe and which new routes are starting in 2009?

Cimber re-launches some Sterling routes from Copenhagen and rebrands as Cimber Sterling

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisCRJ and ATR operator Cimber Air has decided to take on some of Sterling’s old routes with some of Sterling’s aircraft. What has Cimber’s network strategy been so far? From where will competition come on its new expanded route network?