Airline Analysis

Ryanair ready to take advantage of Charleroi’s new terminal

Ryanair in Brussels CharleroiIt’s now over 10 years since Ryanair first put Brussels Charleroi on the map. Since then it has carried over 11 million passengers through the airport. How many aircraft are based there this winter and what routes are operated? Which routes have been abandoned along the way and which one recently made a spectacular comeback?

Qatar Airways needs to find 10 new routes per year to fill aircraft on order

Base Analysis:  Qatar Airways in DohaIt’s trying hard to keep up with Emirates and wins industry awards for on-board service. It dominates its home airport (which it also owns) and has become the first Middle Eastern carrier to serve Scandinavia. And an even bigger airport is nearing completion. How many aircraft has it ordered and how many new routes will it have to start each year?

easyJet’s dominance at Bristol under threat from Ryanair

Logo: easyJey in BristoleasyJet inherited a base at Bristol when it acquired Go. Since then it has trebled the route network and now accounts for around half of all traffic at the airport. What are its latest routes and which have fallen by the wayside? How come it now has a monopoly on all its domestic routes? And what threat does Ryanair’s new base there pose?

Cologne/Bonn: Germanwings’ low frequency summer routes widen peak/off-peak gap

Image: Base Analysis for Germanwings in CologneMainland Europe’s busiest airport for low-cost airlines, and Germanwings is the leading airline with its new HQ at the airport. How has the airline grown its network since operations began in late 2002? Which routes has it dropped and how much overlap is there with other airlines at the airport? Which destinations have fallen out of favour this winter?

Sterling consolidates #2 position at CPH with continuing route expansion

Sterling in CopenhagenNow that the ownership of the airline has settled down, Scandinavia’s biggest LCC is inching towards profitability. How is it competing with SAS at this key European hub airport? What share of the market does it have and which destinations has it recently added to its network. How much of the Maersk Air network that it inherited has survived?

Kingfisher fights for market share at India’s biggest airport

Kingfisher fights for market share at India’s biggest airportMumbai is India’s biggest airport. Kingfisher is India’s most ambitious airline. So what are its operations like at this key airport? On which routes does it have a monopoly and on which does it have to face eight (yes, eight) other airlines? Which are Kingfisher’s other main bases? And what risky venture has Kingfisher’s boss just taken on?

AirBerlin continues to use Palma as Spanish gateway

Air Berlin continues to use Palma as Spanish gatewayA German airline has its biggest base in Spain, operates it as a hub but doesn’t base any aircraft there. How does it do this? How hectic are its three ‘waves’? Who are its biggest competitors at Spain’s third busiest airport and who is growing fastest? How seasonal is overall demand compared to Air Berlin’s demand?

JetBlue is the BOSs in Red Sox city

Iceland: a great place to film car commercialsFor the second time since JetBlue arrived in Boston the Red Sox have won the World Series. Are these events connected? JetBlue is now the leading domestic carrier at Logan but which are its core routes and how does it mix-and-match its A320s and Embraer 190s. Which international routes has it recently started and which market is it pulling out of afterjust over a year?

Swiss regional celebrates 4th anniversary

Logo: FlybabooAnyone operating Q400s must be facing anxious times. Flybaboo only has one but it represents one-third of its total fleet. But this Geneva-based regional, which is celebrating its fourth birthday, will become a jet operator in 2008. What are its key routes and what competition does the airline face?

Norwegian faces LOTs of competition in Warsaw

Logo: IntroIn just over a year Norwegian has grown to become the third largest carrier at Poland’s gateway airport in Warsaw. Two aircraft are based there and this winter sees the launch of new routes to Munich, Paris, Salzburg and Stavanger. What competition does Norwegian face on its routes and how cheap are fares for imminent travel? We investigate.

Blue Air develops Bucharest base with first flights to London and Stuttgart

Base Analysis: Blue Air in BucharestNewest EU member Romania already has its own LCC which began operations in 2004. Blue Air is based at Bucharest’s second airport, Baneasa. Now it is entering the UK market and developing routes from other Romanian airports. We look at the airline’s network for this winter and its range of fare classes.

Jazeera develops dual-hub strategy from Kuwait and Dubai

Base Analysis: Jazeera Airways in Kuwait/DubaiThere aren’t many independent airlines in the Middle East but Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways is a notable exception. It only began services from Kuwait in October 2005 but has already established a second base at Dubai airport. And it’s making money. Which European destination does it serve?