Airline Analysis

Volaris emerges as leading Mexican LCC

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisIn just 18 months Volaris has grown from nothing to be Mexico’s largest LCC and Mexico’s fourth biggest domestic airline. What routes does it operate from its Toluca base and how does it schedule its current fleet of 12 A319s? Which other airports does it fly to? What impact has rapid growth had on the airline’s load factor?

easyJet helps Dortmund double traffic

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysiseasyJet’s base in Berlin has grown rapidly since it started in 2004. easyJet’s other German base, started at nearly the same time, has a rather lower profile. Which routes have been dropped since operations began? How seasonal are the route load factors? Which other carriers are competing for passengers at the airport? What are current fares like?

bmi’s ‘baby’ makes it big in Birmingham

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisBmibaby only started operations from Birmingham in January 2005. Less than three years later it is the #1 carrier at the UK’s sixth busiest airport. How was this achieved? How many aircraft are based there this summer and how are they scheduled? How competitive are fares for late-bookers compared to early-bookers?

Sama likes it hot

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisSaudi Arabia has not just one but two LCCs now operating in the domestic market. We take a closer look at Sama, whose management has considerable experience of UK LCCs. How is it scheduling its four Dammam-based aircraft to offer five routes out of Riyadh? How many passengers currently fly on the routes operated by Sama?

SkyEurope trebles aircraft at Vienna this winter

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisSkyEurope is on a mission to make Vienna its number one base. This winter it will treble its fleet there to six aircraft. What do current fares on the summer routes tell us? Which new routes is it starting this winter and which routes will go double-daily to target the business market? And why is the new Lisbon route unusual? We take a closer look.

Indonesia AirAsia faces challenging conditions

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisAirAsia may be Asia’s biggest and most successful low-cost carrier, but its Indonesian operation has had more than its fair share of troubles recently. How does it schedule its fleet and what are average fares like in this market? Which new destinations have been added most recently?

Wizz Air in Pole position at Katowice

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisWizz Air may be based in Hungary but it has more aircraft based in Poland than anywhere else. Katowice is home to four A320s this summer as the airline flies to over 20 destinations. Which are the biggest routes, how does the airline schedule the aircraft and what fares are available for imminent travel? investigates

Ryanair brings benefits to Bremen

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisRyanair chose Bremen as its second base in Germany after Frankfurt Hahn. reveals how the routes performed in their first month and what action Ryanair has already taken. Which routes have the lowest and highest fares for imminent travel? How much has Ryanair stimulated new traffic and how much has it taken from other carriers?

Virgin America reveals network for belated launch

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisAmerica finally gets its own Virgin airline. And many people are not happy. Which routes will it be starting and who will be its main competitors? What are the current fares in its key markets and what features will Virgin America offer to attract customers.

Indigo grows to 11 aircraft in first year of Indian operations

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisIndia’s fastest growing LCC now has 11 aircraft having ordered 100 two years ago. How is it developing and which are its core routes? How good is aircraft utilisation and just how early are some of its departures? And where has it got its management experience from?

The ‘Southwest effect’ reaches Denver

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisSouthwest’s legendary ability to stimulate traffic in new markets is well known. But what happened when Southwest entered United’s backyard in Denver, America’s 5th busiest airport? Does the ‘Southwest Effect’ still work in such big markets? We look at the evidence so far.

KD Avia creates alternative Russian hub for European travellers

0707018_kd_avia_01.gifIn a detached part of Russia surrounded by EU nations KD Avia has launched a hub-and-spoke network to compete with Moscow for connecting Russia with Europe. How does it work? Are the schedules passenger-friendly? We take a detailed look.