Airport Analysis

Bardufoss rebrands as Snowman International Airport to attract more winter traffic

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisMore than 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle lies Bardufoss airport, primarily used by the military. It has one commercial route which changed hands earlier in the year. How has traffic developed in recent years? Watch a video that explains (sort of) why the rebranding has taken place.

Houston, we don’t have as big a problem as many airports (despite Hurricane Ike)

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisContinental accounts for around 85% of Houston’s international airport, which keeps fares well above the US average. Emirates and Singapore have started new routes during the last year and Qatar Airways is coming in 2009. But which are the busiest domestic routes?

Bologna opens door for Ryanair to become leading carrier in 2009

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisNo airline carried more than 20% of Bologna’s passengers in 2007 with Meridiana the leading airline. Some LCCs like easyJet and Vueling have abandoned the airport but Ryanair started six routes in October and plans to add 11 more next spring. Which other airlines have a significant presence?

Faro’s growth driven by low-cost routes from UK; Ryanair second biggest airline this winter

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisDuring the last 10 years Faro’s growth has mostly come from LCCs operating to and from the UK, a country market which is responsible for almost 60% of all passengers. Who started the ball rolling back in 1999 and who is now the biggest airline?

Sweet dreams for LAX*; A380 and Emirates both make first appearance at airport as major development plans are revealed

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisThe world’s busiest O&D airport has had a busy few weeks PR-wise. Which are its biggest airlines and how competitive are the busiest routes? Which new airline has made it into the airport’s Top 10 for the first time this winter?

Zaragoza gets Expo-boost; maintains 18% growth for second successive year

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisZaragoza lies mid-way between Madrid and Barcelona and hosted this summer’s water-themed Expo. Traffic has blossomed in the last three years thanks to new routes from Ryanair but which are the most popular routes? And which routes do Iberia and Air Europa operate?

Award-winning Hamilton markets tough to beat downturn

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisHamilton International airport, some 70 kilometres south-west of Toronto, has seen traffic yo-yo in recent years. Once a significant base for WestJet it saw FlyGlobespan start services from 11 UK airports in 2007 before adding Bristol and Dublin routes in 2008.

Berlin capitalising on German low-cost growth; historic Tempelhof closes this month; new BBI ready in 2011

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisHistoric Tempelhof closes this month leaving Berlin with just two airports. How has traffic developed in recent years and what role have LCCs played? Which are the leading carriers at the remaining airports and which new routes have started this year?

AirAsia helps Kuala Lumpur towards 30 million; Singapore route soon to be fully liberalised

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisMalaysia’s international gateway at KLIA celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year. In recent years traffic growth has been impressive thanks to AirAsia. But where are the European carrier and routes to North America?

Marseille’s growth driven by Ryanair’s international routes; TGV took one million air passengers on Paris route

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisThe opening of Europe’s first dedicated low-cost terminal in late 2006 has helped Marseille attract several LCCs. Ryanair now flies to more destinations than Air France but where has it failed to make an impression? How significant is the North African market?

London Gatwick: easyJet usurps British Airways as #1 carrier at world’s busiest single runway airport

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisWanted: one new owner for the UK’s second busiest airport. How has traffic developed in recent years and who, apart from easyJet, has been adding routes at the airport this year. Which are the busiest routes and how competitive are they? Which routes have failed?

Pisa topping Italian airport growth rankings; Ryanair now serves 28 destinations

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisFamous for its leaning tower Pisa’s traffic grew by 30% in 2006 and 24% in 2007 despite the presence of the Italian Air Force. LCCs have been the catalyst for growth but which carriers other than Ryanair have helped stimulate traffic? Which is by far the leading country market?